Pepper: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 3 years 1 month

Hey there fellas. I'm Pepper. I am an almost 3 year old black, neutered male cat. I came to Stray Haven as an outside stray after I was injured very badly. The staff is unsure if I had escaped an animal attack (coyote/fox) or if I was trying to stay warm near the engine of someone's car and they turned it on while I was inside. Whatever happened though I was gravely injured. My back had a wound on it the circumference of a baseball, and my two front paws were badly torn to shreds. I was in quite a bit of pain and it was a very rough few weeks. I had to be on all different kinds of medications, antibiotics and deworming meds for my stomach. Took my human friends who were caring for me quite a while to find a food that worked with my stomach. That's Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach. I sure do love that food, its so yummy! Since my wounds were so severe though, I went to live in a foster home for around a month. While I was there, I was able to finally relax, decompress, and use all of that time to heal up quite a bit. Now if you look at me you would never ever even know how serious my wounds were if there wasn't picture proof! When I arrived at Stray Haven, they found out that I was unfortunately FIV+. This means that I don't have the strongest immune system and that I am just a little more liable to catch infections easier. It also plays a role in my stomach being sensitive than most, which is why I will need a really good and healthy food to eat so my stomach doesn't get upset. My human friends told me that they have adopted out plenty of FIV+ cats and they tell me that I can be expected to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. I'm hoping that holds true for me! My foster mom wanted to also let you know that since I lived outside as a stray, and after my horrific accident, that I can get pretty scared if I'm startled. I'm working on it, and listening to the hustle and bustle of the every day shelter isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I don't do all that well with younger kids. They're a little too fast moving and unpredictable for me so I would probably do best in a home with maybe some older kids. My foster mom and the shelter staff have seen my personality though and they all agree that I am a very sociable and happy cat despite all the terrible things that I've been through. I am quite the chatterbox and I love to meow and talk to you whenever I want some attention. This is easily one of my best qualities as I will communicate with you to help show you what I'm wanting or feeling at any given point. I love me some chin scratches and ear rubs and I will even chatter through that as well! I am seriously quite an amusing cat to be around and I would love nothing more than to be able to lounge around in a home of my own. Will you be the one to open your heart and home to a cat like me? A cat that has been through so much in his young life and is still willing to pour out as much love as I do? I hope that I don't have to wait too long here for my very own chance at happiness..
Octavia: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 3 years 4 months

Hey there! I'm Octavia! I am a spayed female Brown Tabby who is around 3 years old. Not much is known about my past but I am from a house where my owner, unfortunately, passed away. I ended up coming to Stray Haven shortly after. I spent about a week adjusting to my new life and I hid a lot from the staff. Then all of a sudden I decided that the workers weren't out to hurt me and that I was ready to receive attention. I have one of the softest and most delicate meows you'll ever hear. I use my voice to let you know when I want something so I hope you'll be one to talk back to me when I start meowing. I like to roam around and explore my surroundings. I don't really like to be confined so I hope in my next home I'll have free range to do whatever and go wherever I please. I am sweet-natured at heart and will love to be around anyone that I can. I'm not sure how I feel about dogs or young kids but that would be a question for my human friends at the shelter. I would be a great addition to any home so if you come to meet me, I know I will prosper in a home that is looking to share all the love and affection with me that they can! Stop on down and meet me!
Guava: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 11 months

Hey guys! I'm Guava! I was part of a humane/hoarding case where I ended up at another Humane Society out near Kingston and was eventually transferred over to Stray Haven! Not much is known about my past, apart from being in a house with a lot of other cats. Due to the fact that there were a lot of other cats in the home, I wasn't socialized very much so I'm still learning to trust new people. As long as you're patient and gentle with me, I can warm up pretty quickly, however I have had so much change recently that I am still pretty scared of everything happening around me. I like the confines of my box to hide in and make me feel safe. I'm not sure how I feel about dogs and children, as I would need a home that is understanding of my natural instinct to hide and be alone. As long as I have my own space and can warm up on my own, I know I will be fine. Once I've successfully learned to trust you though, I am really sweet and just want some head pets and chin scratches. If you think that you have a mildly quiet home, and some patience for me to come out of my shell, then I'm the cat for you! Stop on down and visit me at the shelter and we'll see if we can be friends!
Jude: Rottweiler/Mix Dog aged 4 years 3 months

Hey there hey! I'm Jude. A short and chunky gal who's been on a pretty successful weight loss journey. I'm feeling better than I ever have. I'm staying here at Stray Haven for now, until I meet the right people that fit my needs. I'd like to say I'm easy going, and I think I can be - it's just that sometimes, I am impatient and act out. I was adopted in a family not too long ago, and returned for getting angry with the children. I didn't hurt them or anything, I just didn't want to be friends with them. I'm also a little nervous around certain men, and although I've never had interactions with cats, my friends at Stray Haven think I'd be best in a no pet or children home. Other than that, I'm a happy dog! I get very excited to go outside, I want to be petted, and sleep. Sleep a lot. If you give me some stuff to chew on, I will love you forever, honestly, I would love you forever even if you didn't. Come on by! I'm here and excited to meet you! ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Meadow: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 1 year 11 months

Hey there. I'm Meadow! I am an almost two year old male Brown Tabby cat. I was brought in by a Good Samaritan who wanted to get me off of the streets and into a home. I was hanging around as a stray and I made friends with all of the neighbors and their families all pitched in to help make sure that I was fed and everything. Unfortunately the rules of the complex allowed dogs but not cats. It was a huge bummer because I learned to really like all of them. They told me I was way too nice to spend the rest of my life outdoors, so the shelter was contacted and I ended up coming here. I have had a lot of freedom in my life so coming here is definitely new for me.. I am slowly learning to adjust to this big change and so far it is a little slow going. I spend a lot of my time sleeping and hiding in boxes, under blankets and in cat trees. I like being able to feel safe and sound in this new place. Luckily my human friends are super nice, as well as some of the other cats that I've met here. I feel more comfortable being around them as they make me feel like I'm not alone. My surrender told the staff that even if it takes a bit of time to warm up to someone, she knew I was capable of being a sociable cat who enjoyed being in a family setting and even sitting on some younger daughters laps. I would give anything to feel that feeling again and I'm hoping that when I do that it's back in a home where I so desperately want to be. If you have a little bit of time and want to come and sit with me and see if we can be friends then I highly recommend that you come on down and see me. Once I warm up to you I can guarantee that you won't regret it!
Felix: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 3 months

Hello my friends! I'm Felix! I am a Tabby with white coloring male who is around 2 years old. I was transferred in from another rescue who TNR's cats. They asked the rescue if I had a home to go to after my Neuter and they just told them that I was to be released back into a trailer park somewhere. The Stray Haven staff said absolutely not, and that they wanted to keep me. I guess this speaks volumes about what they saw in me that day. Since staying at the shelter until I was recovered, I have easily won over the hearts of the staff here. My calm temperament and laid-back personality made me a staff favorite. I love the comfort of my cat beds and blankets, as well as making biscuits whenever they come to visit with me. I love showing them how grateful I am that they chose to keep me so I didn't have to go live outdoors again. I'm not sure if you can tell by my ears, but I had gotten some frostbite damage to both of my ears. It is really sad when you think about it, me all alone outside trying to seek shelter and just being so cold. I'm hoping I never have to experience that kind of struggle ever again in my life. Though my ears may not look normal like other cats, I sure don't let it stop me from being me! I am quite a happy cat and am just so appreciative of everything around me. The only thing I am missing from my life is a home of my very own. I know my human friends at the shelter would agree but they would prefer to see me living inside for the rest of my life. Especially after having such a hard time in my past life. If you think you could be the one to give me a nice cushy life, full of lots of love and all the head pets and chin scratches you could possibly give, then come on down and see me for yourself. I'm sure I will leave you with a great impression of me!
Max: Labrador Retriever/Bluetick Coonhound Dog aged 11 years 3 months

Hello there! My name is Max. I'm around 11 years old, and looking for my human to live our best lives together. I was originally brought to Stray Haven back in January because my people could no longer care for me and was adopted out to a lovely couple although that didn't work out for us. I became a little rowdy and opiniated. My people were older and decided I was too much for them, but they did have me in some training classes and my trainer said I'd do best in a low key, calm household. Preferably no children and a fenced in yard would be just right! I do okay with cats but you have to let me know what's okay and what's not okay! I get excited to meet them and sometimes get a little too excited if you know what I mean. I do have a few lumps and bumps here and there as most older pups do, however the big lump on the side of my neck is something the doctor humans called a tumor. It doesn't seem to hurt me and as far as I know, I'm doing just fine with it. I've got a bit of a stubborn thyroid as well, and take minimal daily medication for it. The staff at Stray Haven say I am unique and handsome. I am quite a big boy, and I'm working hard at losing some weight. I'll tell you what, it's quite a challenge when you're as food motivated as I am! Don't tell the staff I asked you to bring me some good treats for meet and greet! I really do love people and just existing around them, but I can be a little slow to warm up at first. It's really nice when people let me go up to them first instead of reaching out to me, it makes me nervous and I've been known to react by biting. I don't mean any harm, I just like to take my time getting to know new people! Ask the Stray Haven Staff, they'll tell ya. Oh man, a warm bed and some snacks sound perfect! If you're looking for a calm companion, I'm your guy! Please come down to the shelter and ask to meet me and hey, don't forget those treats! ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Pernella: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 3 years 0 months

Hey guys! My name is Pernella and it is so nice to meet you! I am between 2 and 3 years old, and I am a gorgeous Brown Tabby cat. I have very distinct and great markings that make me so appealing to look at. In case you haven't already seen or looked at my ears, I have quite the prominent tufts. Bet you haven't seen a cat like me too often! I came to Stray Haven with my 3 babies who I did an excellent job of raising if I do say so myself. Since then they have all flown the coop after getting all big and strong. Now it is time to focus on myself and search for my next adventure! I am a very elegant lady, and I take excellent care of myself to keep myself looking this good. If there's one thing that I love, it's my human friends here at the shelter! I love to spend time with them whenever I can. I will meow and churr at them whenever I can to let them know I want some attention. I am also pretty active so I hope my next home has lots of toys for me to play with so I can get some of my energy out. I do alright with my other feline companions, but since I was a stray and not much was known about my past, I'm not sure how I feel about dogs or children just yet, but ask my human friends here at the shelter about that! I really am quite sociable and loving, and I'm hoping that I don't have to wait very long until someone decides to pick me to be theirs. I would love it if that would happen, so I think you should stop on down and see me for yourself! I am up to date on all of my vaccinations and ready to come home! Won't you be the one to pick me?
Honey: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog aged 6 years 2 months

Hi guys my name is Honey and I am as sweet as my name. I am 6-year old pittie and I am looking for the perfect family. I was brought to Stray Haven as a surrender because my owner couldn't take care of me anymore however sometimes I think that is what caused me to come out of my shell. My owner said I had 5 other siblings but I was never kept with them because the few times I was we would get into a sibling-like spat, so I am not comfortable with other dogs right now. I have never been around cats or little people, however, Stray Haven believes I would do better with older kids. If you asked them about me they would say I am a big olé' ball of happiness, which I 100% agree with. I LOVE to play with toys, whether it's a ball or frisbee or just chasing you around. At the end of the day I am a big snuggle bug and just want to relax, so if you think you could be my cuddle partner please don't hesitate to come to see me. I hope to see you soon! ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Precious: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 1 year 2 months

Hi there! My name is Precious! I am a beautiful 1 year old female who has come to stay at Stray Haven. According to the person from my last home, I was rescued from the outside world when I was really young, and I have lived in a home ever since. Unfortunately, my family was not able to give me the time and attention that I need as a young cat so it was decided that I come here to try and find my next home at the shelter.. It was a bit of a harsh, reality check. I didn't understand what was going on and coming to stay here put my stress levels through the roof. I developed a nasty UTI infection and had to be put on antibiotics for it to be cleared up. Luckily the staff here has a really good handle on these things and they gave me all of the comfort that I need. I tunneled under my blankets a lot and I got a big hide-away box that I could feel safe in. They gave me lots of time to get acclimated to shelter life and a ton of patience, and slowly but surely I have let my true personality come out. I would poke my head out whenever I hear my human friends come into the room and peer around the walls of my box to see who it is. I hope you have lots of blankets in your house because I would love to snuggle under the blankets that you have. I also am very fond of little toy mice. Either the soft plush ones or the small ones that rattle inside. I will carry my favorite ones in my mouth and walk around with them to show everyone that these are mine! I also hope that you have some cat trees in the home as I like to sleep in them and watch everything going on around me. I am really just a sweet, little girl that has dreams of getting back inside a home of my own as soon as I can. I am not sure how I feel about dogs and children yet, so that would have to be a conversation for my human friends here at the shelter. If you think that I could be a good fit in your family, then please stop on down and visit me. I will be here waiting, I just hope that it's not too long!
Mila: Pit Bull Terrier/Shepherd Dog aged 11 years 2 months

Hello, my name is Mila and all I want is for someone to come see me and fall in love with me. I am an 11 year old Shepherd mix and I know, you hear 11 years and think "she's old" but I am as spunky as my younger sister Mystic. We were picked up together and brought here to Stray Haven. Having a younger sister, I have gotten used to other dogs but I have never been around cats or any little ones. I love to run and play fetch with my favorite ball, which is any ball I can get. I'm just looking for someone or someones I can go home with. If you think you can help me with that please come see me, I will be waiting!
Beau: American Staffordshire Terrier/Mix Dog aged 6 years 6 months

Hello! My name is Beau and I'm the big man around here. I'm a 6-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who was brought to Stray Haven from a high kill shelter in North Carolina. Just to let you know, I've been on quite the weight-loss journey. It may be hard to believe, but when I came to Stray Haven, I was 100 pounds! They really have done me right by providing me with the opportunity to exercise and feeding me the right food to help me lose all of that weight. I feel so much better now that I'm just under 70 pounds. I could still benefit from being a few pounds lighter but I'm looking and feeling good! When I go out for walks, I don't really pull at all and when I do it's only because I don't know where we are going or a smell catches my attention. Oh yeah, I guess I do get excited when I see wildlife but who doesn't! Unfortunately I can't be with cats. I love to chase them and I just cant stop myself. I was adopted for a while but my companion dog and I would play pretty rough and sometimes I got a little too much to handle, so Stray Haven staff would like to see me go to a home with no other pets. But.... I LOVE people! Especially like a young couple. I could really see myself fitting in perfectly into that type of home. Kids are alright, but my hips are sore these days and I can be a little impatient and grumpy if you touch the right spot and since kids don't always know or understand, I'd really like to go to a home with either older kids (over 12) or no kids at all! Overall, I'm super easy-going and a big gentle boy and I don't require too much exercise. I'm really a couch potato after a short walk. I am housetrained, I love being in a home, and am a really solid, good-natured boy. I've even helped up in the office at Stray Haven but I tend to do a lot of napping there as the kennels can be a little stressful for me. But when I'm in a home I'm quiet, loving and just a wonderful dog! Please come meet me, I'd love to meet you. P.S. I LOVE BELLY RUBS, PLEASE RUB MY BELLY!!! ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Rollie: Redbone Coonhound/Mix Dog aged 8 months

Well hello there. My name is Rollie. I came to Stray Haven with another one of my kind from North Carolina. I'm a Redbone Coonhound pup full of energy, love, compassion, and well, anxiety. I'm having a really hard time adjusting to the kennel environment and would most likely need a lot of training at first, once I get adopted. I'm super cute though and I could bet you that I'm worth every last drop of effort! I absolutely love to run, play with other dogs, and kids are good too! However, since I'm displaying this anxious behavior here at Stray Haven, it's probably best that the kids are older. Maybe over 12 years old. I'm not a big boy, I just don't want to accidently knock anyone over and scare them. My other hound friend that came with me gets really fixated on cats. My Stray Haven friends are thinking I'll do best in a home without any felines. I haven't had much experience at all walking on a leash so it's a bit of a trip when we go out on adventures, but I'M SMART. If you are just patient with me and teach me how to behave, I promise you I'll try my best and won't disappoint. I just want a nice place to call home, be loved on, and go on adventures. Hounds like me love adventures. Anything to positively stimulate my brain is exactly what I need. If you're willing to share some human manners knowledge with me, I'm certain I can adapt. Come into Stray Haven if you're up to meeting me! My friends here can tell you more about me. See you hopefully very soon!
Ace: Akita Dog aged 4 years 7 months

Hi everyone, I'm Ace and I'm a 4 year old Akita who's looking for a new home. My human friends here at the shelter are pretty cool but they have too many rules. Sometimes I like to mess with them and make them chase me when it's time to come inside from the play yard. They say I'm a bit stubborn and aloof but I'm no different than any of the other Akita's you may know. Speaking of which, I like to play alone so I'm hoping to find a home with no other animals. I had a nice lady from an Akita rescue visit me here at Stray Haven and she thinks I'm ready to be in a home as long as it's one that has no little humans and the big humans must have experience with Akita's like me. If you think your home fits the bill then give Stray Haven a call and let them know all about it. (Meets by appointment only) ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Tatum: Bullmastiff Dog aged 8 years 2 months

Hi ya, my name is Tatum and I am a 8 year old Bull Mastiff. I am a pretty big girl but that is just because I have more love than any of the other dogs, and I want to do is share this love with a nice loving family. I was brought up here from NC and nobody has really noticed me yet but I am patiently waiting my turn. My friends at Stray Haven don't know if I'm good with other dogs, cats or children but I have never been introduced them. I am a huge cuddle bug but I still love to play and I have to get my exercise. My Stray Haven friends take me on walks daily and I love them, nothing can stop me. If you think you could be my walking buddy or even my cuddling partner come on down and I will see you when you get here.
Socks: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 1 year 4 months

Greetings! My name is Socks! I am one of the most gorgeous cats that you will ever come across. A beautiful Dilute Tortoiseshell kitty that is full of personality! I was being taken care of by a very lovely couple who feed and rescue lots of strays. They were able to bring me inside and help raise my 3 babies who have all since been adopted out. I hear they help lots of other cats/kittens too and whenever they are ready, then they come here to be adopted! I am so glad that my babies have all found homes, and now I'm looking to start my new journey in life. Despite me still being a pretty young cat, I am still a little timid and weary of people at first. Being a stray, the staff doesn't have a whole lot of idea what may have happened to me in my time outside, and if I could speak I would tell them all about it. For now, I spend a lot of time in my trusted cat tree. It has some hidey holes where I can look out, and walls around me where I can feel safe. I like observing everything going on around me. I have slowly made friends with the staff here, as they are the ones who bring me my food and wet food. For right now, I would probably do best in a home without dogs and children because they are just too unpredictable for a kitty like me. A nice, quiet, home with some people who would give me a lot of time and patience for me to see that nothing is going to hurt me. I know with an understanding family, I would be able to come out of my shell and seek out the attention on my own terms. Once I get there, I like headbutting against your hands and rubbing up on your legs. I'll even allow some head pets after I am fully sure that you're not out to hurt me. I am just one of those cats who knows what she likes and doesn't like, and is very independent. If you think that you have a home that fits the bill, I suggest reaching out to my friends at the shelter and asking for more information about me. I really hope I don't have to spend forever waiting to find my right person. I want to get back to home living like I did when I was raising my babies. Will you be the one to take a chance on me? I sure hope so!
Whisper: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 17 weeks

Lucas: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 1 month

Hiya! My name is Lucas! I am one of the newest arrivals here at Stray Haven. I am estimated to be around 2 years old, and I'm a very handsome Tabby and White male cat! I came in as a stray from a gentlemen that had seen me wandering around all by my lonesome. He took quite a few weeks of feeding me and working with me to where I could get use to him and being socialized by people. If only I could tell the staff here what I might've endured while I was wandering the streets, then maybe people could get a better understanding of me. I was pretty scared when I got to the shelter. There was so much change happening and it was pretty frightening to say the least. As the days passed by though, I started feeling more and more comfortable with my surroundings, and my new human friends of course. Despite my now happy and go lucky nature, I am still pretty scared of new things. I guess you could say I can be a little bit of a scaredy cat. It's not my fault though, and I'm trying my best to come out of it all! I will always be the first one to greet the staff whenever they come into the room/cage with me. I will use my unique and squeaky little meow to get their attention in hopes that they come over and pet me! You really should hear my meow, as it is quite adorable! I also am an expert biscuit maker! I'm so good at it, you could even pay me and I would always give you a Grade A effort! It's just something that I do to help show what a happy little kitty that I am. I'm still working on being held and picked up, but for right now I'd rather be able to do that on my own terms. After all, not every cat likes to be picked up when they're not in the mood! I am not sure how I feel about young children or canine companions yet, so that would be the a conversation from my human friends here at the shelter. For now my ideal home would be a nice and quiet home, with some lovely folks who give me lots of attention and time to warm up. I've seen so much change in my short life already, that I am hoping to get a bit of consistency to where I can establish a good routine, and be able to come out of my shell as much as possible. If you think that your home could be one where I would thrive in, then stop on down and chat with the staff about me! You will quickly see how loving and happy I am at heart, and I promise that I'll win you over in no time! I'll be waiting!
Kara: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 5 years 2 months

Hello! My name is Kara and it is so nice to meet you! I am the newest kitty to call Stray Haven my temporary home! I was a stray Momma cat that has raised many litters in her life. After my last litter this year, my rescuer knew that I needed to be Spayed. I was able to come through Stray Haven's Spay & Neuter clinic to be fixed. I guess I won the staff over during those crazy and hectic days because they elected to have me stay! Now I'm on the hunt for a permanent home of my very own! I am a very sweet and confident girl. I know what I like and what I don't like so I hope you're one of those people that will take me as I am. I love my people. I don't think I can get that point across more clearly. I will meow and chirp at you nonstop until I get some attention from you. If I had it my way, I would try and get attention all day! I was put into a cage with some other kitties and it didn't really work out. It was determined that I was very cat selective and that I would have to be top cat in the home. For this purpose though, I ended up having to be put by myself, where I could have my own safe space, without having to share with anyone else. I see it as a benefit though, as now I have the freedom to be able to roam the Big Cat Room and explore everything to my heart's desire. When I'm not roaming around and looking out windows, you can find me hanging out in my cat hammock. I can't give whoever created those enough credit, this thing is great! Perfect for curling up and taking a nice nap, or lounging about during the day and watching the coming's and going's of shelter life. I really can't wait until I can get into a home of my very own though. This retired Momma cat has had enough of the outdoors and I'm ready to settle down in a home of my own. If you think that I could be the next great addition to your home, I suggest stopping on down and meeting me for yourself! I will warn you though, you will probably hear me before you see me! I know when someone is going to come and give me some attention!
Addie: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 3 months

Hello there! I'm Addie! I am a female kitty who is a little over two years old! I was rescued as a stray by a nice family that had begun to take care of me. They knew that not only did I need to be taken care of, but that I had to be Spayed so I wouldn't bring them any unexpected babies. I have mothered litters in the past though, but they decided they were not going to let me be a mother this year. I can sympathize with them, being a Mom is hard work! When I came to Stray Haven to be Spayed at their Low-Cost Spay&Neuter clinic, they asked if I could stay. The staff that day sat with me for a while and I'm really glad they took the time to befriend me. In no time, I was rubbing all over their hands and purring in satisfaction. They made the choice and I am not on the lookout for a home of my very own! I am very excited whenever my human friends come to see me. I get right up and will sit and wait for them to come and touch me, or I will begin pacing back and forth meowing at them to come see me. I also can make quite a wide range of noises. Sometimes I'll just be grumbling for not much reason, or crying up a storm at you because I want more pets. I am definitely an interesting cat to try and figure out! I am still getting used to being around so many other kitties, so in order for me to get more used to them on my own terms, my human friends have given me my very own safe space to get acclimated easier. I like this idea, as I am a very confident kitty and I know what I want in life, and my own personal space is at the top of the list! I haven't met any canine companions, but I'm sure I could hold my own against any future housemates. If you come to visit me, I assure you that I am quite the catch. After all, us House Panthers are wonderful little kitties and anyone would be lucky to own one! Will you be the one to give me my forever home? Stop by and see me for yourself!
Keiko: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 13 weeks

Hey guys! Keiko here! I came to the shelter as a Singleton and not a whole lot is known about my background. I do know that I am as sweet as pie and the staff instantly fell in love with me. I am a beautiful Torbie with some of the most stunning markings that you will ever come across. Once I was medically cleared, I was able to be moved into a cage with a couple other female kittens that were around my age. I have since gotten on wonderfully from them and I am learning how to be a kitten with some feline companions. I very much enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a box or one of our trusty cat hammocks. You can often find me playing with my cagemates or passed out together in one big, cuddle pile! I am often told how adorable it is to witness and that I myself am beyond cute. I am really gentle and I enjoy anytime that the Staff here gets to spend with me. They tell me all of the time that soon I will be able to get the chance to go live in a home of my own! I can't wait for that day to come! I do have something really special about me though, in that I have a little bit of a head tilt. I got checked out by one of the vets that works with the shelter and she said that my head tilt is probably from a Neurological thing that may or may not have happened to me either when I was born or when I was really young. I show no signs of having it effect me, and I am very much a normal kitten in that aspect. I think my little head tilt just adds to how adorable I am and I hope you come to love me just the way that I am. If you think you could be the one to come and adopt me from the shelter then I would tell you not to hesitate to come and meet me. I promise that you won't regret it!
Kurama: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 13 weeks

Alma: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 17 weeks

Hello! My name is Alma! I am a gorgeous Grey Female kitten who is the latest and greatest to grace the shelter with my presence! I was brought to the shelter by a wonderful couple who trapped me when there was a spot available for me to come to the shelter! They knew that I would be well taken care of and if it meant me getting off of the street, they were happy to bring me here. I was definitely born outside and was not very well socialized by people until the couple got me and brought me to the shelter. It took me a little bit of time but I soon learned that the shelter staff weren't so bad and they did everything in their power to make me feel safe and comfortable. They'd often sit with me for extended periods of time just talking to me and letting me warm up on my own terms. After getting up to date on my Vaccinations and Spayed, I am ready to find my forever home! I am still extremely timid though, as I still am such a little cat in a big world.. For this reason I will be a little bit harder to place. I know I do NOT like any dogs. I have seen and met a wide variety and yep this girl is not a dog girl.. I am also really scared of children. Young ones especially terrify me with their fast movements and loud noises.. It's too much for me. So I'm hoping that their is someone out there that with the right home that I am seeking. I definitely am such a little playful kitten at heart, and I've been able to be various other kittens. Some of them were very protective of me towards some of those scary dogs and children! I am hoping I will be able to be around some feline companions in my forever home as I get along with them pretty good, and I will love to be able to play and have them help me further come out of my shell. If you think you might be able to give me the home that I'm looking for, please don't hesitate to come on down and meet me for yourself! You won't regret meeting a cat as stunning as me!
Harriet (Ginger Rose): Mountain Cur/Mix Dog aged 3 years 3 months

Well hello there, my name is Harriet and I am a three year old Mountain Cur mix who is just looking for a lovely home that fits my needs. I came up from NC so Stray Haven could find the best home for me, and don't get me wrong I found a couple families however, they weren't a perfect fit. In my first home I didn't get along with my humans close friend's dog, and the second one I did not like their cat. So I am back. My ideal placement would be a home with no dogs or cats, but other than that, all I need is lots of love. I know there is someone out there, and we would be perfect for each other. I just need to find them! So, if you know of anyone tell them to stop by and come see me. I would love to meet them. Hope to see you soon! ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Aniyah: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 15 weeks

Hey there guys! My name is Aniyah! I am a stunning Dilute Calico kitty that is the next, best kitty available at the shelter! I didn't have such a great start to my life. I came in to the shelter in pretty poor condition and had to be immediately rushed to a vet. After getting checked over by them, put on some medications to help me feel better, and a lot of TLC by the Stray Haven Staff, I have blossomed into a healthy and wonderful kitten. I am as playful as can possibly be and I love having ALL of the toys. Wand toys, jingle balls, toy mice, kickers, I enjoy them all! I was able to be moved to a nice window suite where I can sit on my shelves and watch the world go by. There's even these strange flying creatures that come to the windows and I am very curious about them. I wonder what it actually feels like to fly! I guess having 4 legs isn't so bad though and I'm told that I am special no matter what. I have quite the meow on me too and I'm sure that you'll hear it if you come to meet me! It is definitely unique so even if you have other kitties, you'll surely know it's me who's calling to you. My human friends here tell me that it just adds to how cute I am. I would be a blessing to anyone that picked me to be theirs. Will that one be you? I sure hope so! Stop on down and visit me. You'll be happy that you did!
Triumph: Mix Dog aged 4 years 1 month

Hi, my name is Triumph. I was a part of a hoarding situation in North Carolina. There were 40 some of us and we were all just being dogs together. Because I'm so scared of humans, my friends at Stray Haven think I have probably had little to no interactions with many people. My brothers and sisters that came with me are also very scared however, I'm definitely the most scared. I was adopted out not too long ago, but they ended up not keeping me because I just wouldn't interact and I guess they were not sure that I ever would so they brought me back. I will ask that I go to a very patient home that is willing to let me take my time adjusting. I'm a very nice doggy that just needs to be sure you're not going to hurt me! I never growl or bite at the staff here at Stray Haven, so please don't worry about that. I would love nothing more than to be able to be myself and show you how lovable I am! Let's get to know each other. I'll be here. ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Bean: Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Dog aged 5 years 1 month

Hello there! My name is Bean and I'm practically as small as a Bean. I came to Stray Haven from North Carolina. Some of my siblings came with me and most of them are still down South. I'm happy to be here with the others and hope the rest make it too. I have around 40 other siblings. I love them all but I'll admit it's way too many. We were all rescued from a hoarding situation and I'm happy to be receiving the proper care a girl pup needs! I'm still very, very shy around new people. Honestly, I never really got the chance to interact with a lot of different humans but I'm certain if you're patient with me, I'll come around.Stray Haven is good to me but all I really want is to be unconditionally loved in a quiet and comfortable home. If you take it easy with me, I promise to not disappoint! I'm ver y cute and just need a little time to build that trusting relationship with you. I'm a small gal, fully grown, and 5 years old. I'm excited for the chance to be rehomed and I'm looking forward to finding that furever home! See you soon! ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Maya: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 1 year 7 months

Hi there! My name is Maya and it's great to meet you! I am estimated to be about a year and a half old and I am a gorgeous Black and White female! I came to Stray Haven in August of 2021 and not under the best of circumstances, as I was dumped by someone.. It is for this reason that not a whole lot is known about my past. However, my gentle and fun disposition hints that I was definitely raised in a home and I've been well socialized. I honestly just enjoy quite a bit about life! The shelter staff know that I had a litter of kittens as I came in with 3 of them. We were ready to go our separate ways and thus I started enjoying not having to take care of anyone but myself! One very amusing thing about me is that I love to paw at my human friends through the cage! I will always keep you on your toes because when you least expect it, I'll be reaching out trying to touch you! Apart from the gentle paws for attention, I am just really glad anytime I get to have someone come in and spend some time with me. I like rubbing my head all over your hands and arms, and just purring my self away. I think anyone would be lucky to own a cat like me, and I am extremely photogenic! I'll be that cat you'll love to show off to anyone and everyone! If you think an adorable girl such as myself might be the one for you, won't you come on down to the shelter and visit me? I know I can win anyone over in no time!
Triss: Domestic Medium Hair Cat aged 1 year 7 months

Hiya! I'm Triss! My full name is Triss Merigold but the staff just calls me Triss for short. I didn't have a good start to coming to the shelter. Someone dumped me, my baby, my best friend and her kittens all at once. We were all sick too so we got immediate baths, antibiotics and a complete make over to get us feeling better. After the lovely staff nursed everyone back to health, I was able to have visitation rights with my little baby, and then eventually reunited with my best friend, Maya. I am so much happier now that I have finally hit the adoption floor! There's always exploring to be done, finding the most comfy places to nap, playing with whatever I feel like it, and interacting with my cage mates. I'd say it almost feels like a home, except for the obvious bars that keep me contained.. but I'm not letting that break me down! Quite the opposite actually, as I am one of the funniest cats to be around. I tend to make a lot of noises.. I mean A LOT. I meow, grumble and churr at basically everything and at random times. It's just my way of communicating but my human friends here just tell me it's cute and that I'm adorable. I think I have to agree with them on that. I have a wonderful bushy tail, stunning black and white long fur, and that's not even the best part about me. It's my perfectly colored black nose! I'm told it resembles a heart! Maybe it's just the perfect sign that says I have a TON of love to give. I'm hoping that I'll be snatched up really quick by someone and that they want to treat me like the Queen that I am. I will repay you with a lifetime of love, laughter and joy if you decide that I'm your girl! Swing on down to the shelter and meet me for yourself! You won't be sorry!
Izzy: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 16 weeks

Hey there! My name is Izzy! One of the most handsome kittens that you will ever meet, just don't tell my brother Alonzo that!. I am all white with Two grey spots on my head, just like in my photos! I was abandoned but ended up making my way to Stray Haven with whole family. I had to be nursed back to health, as we all came in to the shelter in not very good condition. After a few weeks though, I was ready to be Neutered and Vaccinated and finally made my way out to the Big Cat Room! I currently share a cage with my brothers and I have to say that I am loving all of this extra space that I have! There is so much that I get to do, explore, run around my cage, romp around with my siblings, especially my brother Kobe! We spent a lot of time together and you often could find us passed out in our cat hammock together. They always said that we looked like we were the perfect Yin and Yang when we cuddled together! There is not a whole lot that I don't enjoy about life. I am extremely sociable. I love any and all attention that I get and play time is my absolute favorite. I have a lot of kitten energy to burn so I hope my next home has plenty of time available for me to get all of that out! If you think that you are looking for the next wonderful addition to your family then I would say that you should not hesitate to stop on down and meet me. I will be here waiting for my chance to go home! I hope I don't have to wait very long though!
Alonzo: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 16 weeks

Hello there! I'm Alonzo! One of the most sociable kittens that you will ever find! I didn't have all that great of a start to my life before coming here. I was abandoned with my entire family and I had to be nursed back to health. After spending some time in a secluded unit, getting Neutered and all of my Vaccinations, I was finally able to be moved out to the adoption floor with my two brothers! I can hardly contain my excitement but I am having an absolute blast! I get to have so much more space and room to run. I can explore my cage to my hearts content and play with whatever my new human friends have to give to me. I also don't have to listen to any rules here, well except the one about minding the cage door and not running out whenever it opens. I guess that's an acceptable rule though but other than that, I am a free spirit kitten who loves just about everything that life has to offer. I haven't met any canine friends yet, but you can always talk to my human friends here at the shelter about that. If you are looking for a dashing, young kitten like myself, then I definitely think you should stop on down and see me for yourself. Adding someone like me to your family would be quite the blessing!
Briggs: Domestic Long Hair Cat aged 13 weeks

Nestle: Domestic Medium Hair Cat aged 15 weeks

Hey there! I'm Nestle and it's so nice to meet ya! I came to Stray Haven with my brother, Hershey! I don't mean to be boastful but I definitely think I am the better looking of the two but we are both a couple of handsome heart-throbs if I do say so myself. Not a ton is known about my life before coming to the shelter. I could've been born inside or outside, but all I know is that I have not been very well socialized before I got here. I am on the timid side, and I am still getting used to the hustle and bustle of the shelter. It's been extremely helpful to be around some of my new human friends. They have shown a lot of patience and have guided me from the day they met me to try and get me ready for this home-living that I hear so much about! From what they tell me, it sounds really awesome. I know I get along with my brother, and some of the other kittens that I've met, so other feline companions would be great to have. I have not met any dogs yet so that might be a conversation you'll have to discuss with the staff. They have found that I am a gentle soul at heart and as long as you are patient with me, I know that I'm going to blossom into one heck of a cat! After all, there's nothing better than having a fluffy, house panther of your own! If you think that we would be a good match, why don't you stop on down to the shelter and meet me for yourself? I'm hoping I don't have to wait too long though!
Ellie: Treeing Walker Coonhound Dog aged 6 years 3 months

Hello, everyone!! My name is Ellie and let me tell you a little bit about me. I have had a few homes. I was originally brought to Stray Haven in June of 2020 from a home I was in for 2 years. They had a new baby and babies are great. Babies and I sure love food... almost too much so I would take it from the baby. Oh no! And my family felt after the baby came that I was just too active for their new life, so they gave me up. I am housetrained and I'm spayed and up to date on shots. Lucky for me I was adopted in to a new home with a young couple and I lived in an apartment with them for a few months. They kept me until March 2021 when they returned me because I do like to bark when I'm bored and by myself. Apparently the other apartment dwellers didn't like that so much when my mom and dad went to work. So they had to return me to Stray Haven. While I was with them, I learned to be crate trained and really enjoyed my daily walks but I really needed more than what they could give me. I definitely would love a yard, somewhere to explore and romp around as I have a ton of energy. You may think at 5 I'm an older dog, but no way! I love to go, go, go! In my last home because I wasn't getting enough exercise, I started playing a little too much with my mouth. Dogs don't have hands so I didn't know this was wrong. I was then adopted out with another dog here at Stray Haven and life was good! Although, I couldn't get past using my mouth a little too much and I guess when I get going, it's really hard for me to stop. My most recent adopters tried really hard to do everything they could but just couldn't make things work. They gave me back with some advice for my next adopters. They think I would do best in a home with a single person, no dogs or cats and preferably someone experienced with dogs. I am easily excitable and I love to play, but I need a home where I can also get walks/runs or some type of exercise away from the house. And some more training under my belt would be fantastic! I'm smart and I love to learn. I do like kids a lot (they have food!), but I've lost some of my manners along the way, so my new home will just have to help me remember how to be a good girl. I'm definitely loyal and protective of my home/people to strangers - I'm just doing my job! I'm also ok with some dogs, so if you have dogs at home, please set up a time for a meet n' greet with me and the staff and your dog(s) to make sure we get along. I do know I don't like cats. Let's say I do like them but not in a good way. I also hate being in a kennel because I'm such an active girl, and just want to experience life. If you are a go-go-go type of person, we'll get along famously! ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Matthias: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 1 year 7 months

Hey guys! Matthias here! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a pretty laid back guy who is still young at heart! My last home had lots of other cats so I get along with other cats for the most part. Due to there being so many of us in the house, we're unsure if there was a lot of time for me to get a lot of attention.. I ended up being adopted out to a family and spent about 5 or 6 months with them. They decided that the allergies they had towards me were too much to handle and that I had to be returned to the shelter.. As you can guess, I am really, really sad about it.. Despite all of this I still have my sweet at heart nature, and willingness to be someone's family member again. I'm a little over a year and a half old now so I still have tons of energy and playful years ahead of me. I hope my next home has lots of time for me to get that attention I desperately crave. I may take some time getting used to people at first, but the staff here knows that I am such a loving boy and anyone who takes a chance on me would be lucky to have me. You can often find me lounging on cat trees, perches, chairs, baskets, and even this strange side basket on one of the trees is acceptable to me. If I'm not sleeping then I'm hanging out with the other cats that are with me. We're all just a couple of regular cats, palling around with each other and getting up to whatever shenanigans that we cats get up to. I would really love to be in a home of my own again though.. One that isn't going to give up on me. Hopefully my next one will have some cat friends, or even one of the ones I'm with right now! That would be awesome! Are you gonna be the one to come down and take me home to be yours? Will you give me the life that I so desperately deserve?
Chase "Bitey": Mountain Dog/Terrier Dog aged 1 year 6 months

Hey there! I'm Chase. My name is perfect for me because I love it when people chase after me. I think it's hilarious cause I'm super fast and ornery and that makes it fun for me. I came to Stray Haven through dog control. I am awfully cute and did I mention ornery? Sometimes I can get a little wild and like to jump up on you and because I'm a scrappy guy, I can really get up high and once I get going, man do I have a good time! I guess it'd be best for me to go to a home with an experienced dog person so they can teach me how to behave well in a humans home. My person tried surrendering me because I bit a small human (I'm sorry small human) so I really shouldn't go to a home with kids. They said I'm also not so good with other dogs and it's true. I'm not. The shelter couldn't take me in at the time but I guess that didn't matter to my person, because they dropped me off somewhere near the shelter anyways. Eventually DCO got a hold of me and brought me here. I may give you a bit of a hard time, but don't let that discourage you. I'm hilarious and full of personality that'll be sure to make you laugh or at the least, put a smile on your face. Give me a chance, if you're up to it. I'm just hanging out here so whenever you want, come on by. I'll be an a leash when we meet, so you won't have to chase me around. ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Steve Little: Australian Kelipe/Mix Dog aged 1 year 10 months

My name is Steve Little but there's nothing little about me! I'm one big boy with a big personality to match! I'm a lovable guy, and I'm pretty goofy. Like I wiggle my but when you ask me to sit! I mean am only 1-year-old after all. My favorite thing to do is explore the yard and smell everything. I traveled here from somewhere far away called North Carolina. You see, I was in a high kill shelter, so I'm safe now that I'm here! I have spent my whole short life on a chain outside so I am thankful for the opportunity to find a family of my own. The thought of it excites me so much that I could run around the yard forever!! I was previously adopted but was returned because that house was a little hectic. When the young kids would play, I would get a little overwhelmed and want to join them. Dogs and people don't play the same and sometimes, I would play like a dog and be a little too rough for the little ones in the home. I think I would benefit from a home with older kids who I can't overpower. When I play with other dogs, sometimes I just can't stop! If I do live with another dog, they probably shouldn't be smaller than I am, and I'd love it if they wanted to play all the time! If you have a dog in the home, we would have to meet at the shelter first to make sure we're going to be buds. I probably shouldn't live in a home with cats (for the cats safety, if you know what I mean), I just can't resist those little fluffballs. I do great with older kids and I'm friendly with strangers. I loooove long walks, tug-of-war, or just to snuggle! I do well in the car and I'm learning to walk better on leash, because you know, I'm still just a pup with lots of energy. If you're interested in meeting me, please come down to Stray Haven and ask for me, Steve (not so) Little! I'm looking forward to it!! ***WE RECOMMEND YOU COME INTO OUR SHELTER TO MEET THE DOGS IN PERSON AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION WHILE YOU'RE THERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION***
Flipper: Mix Dog aged 1 year 0 months

Harbour: Mix Dog aged 1 year 0 months