Evander: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 4 months

Hello there! My name is Evander! I am a very handsome 2 year old Grey male that has had quite the story since coming to Stray Haven. I was found by a Good Samaritan who brought me into their home so I could get out of the cold NY winter. I spent some time living their until Stray Haven had a spot for me and then I came here! I was pretty thin when I came in so it took a little bit of time until I was ready to be fixed. After my Neutering surgery though, I came down with Ringworm and had to be treated with a whole bunch of medications. Unfortunately I was not able to kick it while I was here and I had to go live in a foster home where I could get my immune system built up enough to fight it off. Luckily I had amazing foster parents and they were able to help me get through it! The next step was to get a surgery for my eyes. I had what they called an "Entropion" surgery. Entropion is where they remove the skin under eye so my eyelids no longer roll inwards. Since I was a stray and not a whole lot was known about my past during my time as an outdoor bachelor, I did manage to develop an ear infection that resulted in one of my ears developing a crinkle. It could be that I was in a fight, or had ear mites, but it made it so that one of my ears looks like Cauliflower Ear. I don't let it bother me much, I think it adds to my character and to my story! I do sometimes need to be kept up on cleaning the inside of it, which is usually a two person job as I can be quite a wiggly guy when it's time for that. I bet you can already gather that I was quite a miserable little kitty having to have all of these things done to me.. No matter what I was going through, I still just wanted to love and be loved. I knew my human friends were just trying to help me and I appreciate that so much. If you can see me now, you can see how much I have blossomed into one of the most stunning cats ever. My coat is as soft as ever and my gentle looking face just radiates happiness. While in my foster home, I lived with other cats and a few dogs (which I developed a high tolerance to them) and got along with them all in my own time. I may hiss at first when put into a new situation, but I warm up quickly and then we can be friends. I am not too fond of being put into a cat carrier, or when someone closes me out of a room. I will sit and meow until someone lets me in. Why am I not allowed into all of the places that you go? It's surely preposterous! I also don't understand why I can't have all of the attention all of the time? I am a confident cat that wants to love as much as possible. I want to be in your lap, cuddled up next to you, or having you touch me at all times. I pretty much am a hound for food, treats, and catnip. If I had it my way, I would love to have an endless supply of my own whenever I wanted. I also love to lay in a nice patch of sun or look out a window as the world passes me by. Since I am still very much young at heart, I will need an abundance of toys! I play hard and it is quite amusing to watch me play with them! The ones that jingle or rattle are my favorite so make sure you have lots of those for me to play with! I don't mean to brag but my human friends tell me that I am one of the most special cats they have ever had here at the shelter, so I will need a very special home that is going to shower me with the love and attention that I so desperately deserve. If you think that you might be able to give me the absolute world, then please don't hesitate to reach out about me. I am hoping that my forever home will come along soon, and I can get back to living the life of luxury that every cat deserves!
Diane: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 12 years 5 months

Greetings. I'm Diane and it's nice to meet you. I was adopted here from the shelter over 11 years ago and I was returned. The person who adopted me left me behind when they moved to another state. The person who was renting the property found me and took me home to live with her and her family. Unfortunately, I am at that stage where I pretty much don't care to be around very many animals in my life. Dogs, most likely not, unless they are ones that are respectful of my boundaries and leave me alone. Children, probably not very young ones so I don't have to worry about having to get away from grabbing and rough little hands. I can coexist with other cats, but they have to respect me and my energy level. Not getting in my space, leaving me to do things that I want to do, like relaxing and sleeping and warming myself in a nice patch of sunlight. The lady who brought me home said I mostly confined myself to a single room and spent a lot of my time in there. Sadly though, she was unable to keep me and I was forced to make my return back to Stray Haven. Since I am quite old, I don't have the best teeth anymore, so a diet of both wet and dry food is a must for the rest of my life. I don't want my mouth to hurt when I try to eat because of me being hungry. I hope there's still people out there who adopt senior cats.. I really, really don't want to spend my golden years living inside a cage until it's my time to leave this Earth.. Will you be the one to give me consistency for the rest of my life? I sure hope so..
Catelyn: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 4 months

Hey there! I'm Catelyn and I just arrived here at Stray Haven. I am a beautiful black and white 2-year-old spayed female. I was part of a household that had a fair amount of other cats in the house so I'm no stranger to living with other cats. I have had one litter of 6 kittens before coming to the shelter here. Since then the staff has taken to me quickly and I am learning that meeting new people isn't so bad! I am glad I was able to be with my kittens and watch them grow until it was time for us to part ways. Now, this momma bird is on the hunt for the next chapter in her life, a home of her very own! I can be a little shy at first, but once I get to know you and understand that you aren't going to hurt me, I become very friendly. I hope your home has cat trees, perches, all the comfy spots, and wet food! I sure do love my wet food! I would do best in a home with calmer kids and dogs until I can see that they don't mean me any harm. If you're in the market for a wonderful little female, then look no further. I promise we will be the best of friends in no time.
Vera: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 3 years 4 months

Hey people! I'm Vera! It's so nice to meet you! I am a 3 year old spayed female who is up to date on her vaccinations. I was brought to Stray Haven by a lady who just couldn't bear seeing me out on the streets. Since coming here, the staff knew I was quite the interesting lady. For starters, I was NOT a fan of the gloves that the staff were wearing when they were doing my intake. They are unsure if it's just the blue gloves, or if it's all gloves.. But man did I hate the sight of them. I didn't calm down until they took them off, then we were all fine. How dare they touch me with anything that isn't like the normal human hands that I'm used to. I proceeded to love on them, let them examine me thoroughly and we started getting along great! That is until they went to take my picture and started trying to get my attention with an array of squeaky sounds.. That just irritated the heck out of me! They were making high pitched squeaky and whistling noises and the more they did it, the more I started grumbling! I couldn't understand why they were doing that and why they couldn't talk normal?! We have since then reached an agreement where they won't do that and that I have no reason to grumble or get salty at them. Cats are quite fickle and I guess that I am no different. They set me up with my very own cage with a big window all to myself. A bird feeder on the tree right outside and I have constant entertainment for most of the day. They are still learning about all of my tendencies and little quirks but I am not a hard cat to figure out. I like what I like and I will let you know if and when I don't. Now who's gonna argue with me on the fact that all house panthers have quite the personality? No one! My black coat is beautiful and I'm sure we'll be able to play lots of hide and seek in your home if you decide to pick me. Here's a hint, I'll most likely be the winner so don't get sad if I'm perfecting the art of blending in. I can sometimes be cat selective so I suggest you talk to my people (the staff) about me and what type of personalities I'm more than likely to get a long with! I hope someone comes for me soon, I'm ready to break out of this place and find my forever home. Will it be with you?
Yelena: Domestic Long Hair Cat aged 2 years 5 months

Hello! I'm Yelena! My previous name was Cuddles so you might hear a small joke about my previous name. I don't mind them, I'm just glad that my new name sounds so much more fancy and elegant. I am a little over 2 years old and I am one of the most gorgeous Brown Tabby cats that you will ever see! I naturally have some dark coloring around my eyes that makes my face just pop so well! Unfortunately, my last owner had to "go away" for a long time so my other cat friends and I all had to come to the shelter because there was no one else to take care of us. Since then, they have all been adopted so I'm hoping that my time comes really soon! Coming to someplace strange and new, I didn't understand a lot of what was happening. I was pushed into a carrier and brought to the shelter, where I was pretty irritated and upset at my situation. After meeting my new caretakers, and having some time to decompress, I was able to see that my new 'home' wasn't all that bad. I was able to get spayed, up to date on all my vaccinations, and after some healing time, moved out onto the adoption floor. Here I met some new cats, and so far I get along with them, as they are pretty laid back and independent cats. I tell you what though, you best believe I'm the first one to greet you when you come into our cage. I will give a quiet little meow and get up to come to see you and ask for some pets! I can be quite demanding if I like you enough, just ask my human friends at Stray Haven. I will sit there and rub all over your hands and legs, and if you stop petting me, I will let you know my displeasure! I might give you a quick nibble, a meow of disapproval or I'll give you a gentle paw tap to get your attention. So if you come to see me, make sure you are ready to give me my fill of affection before you think about stop petting me. One other talent of mine, besides being oh so adorable, is that I am an expert biscuit maker. I will knead any blanket, bed, basket, or even you and show you how good I am at it! I can't help myself when I'm happy I have to show you as well! I am just a lovely and confident cat to be around. If you are looking for a great companion who enjoys the simple things in life, then look no further! I'll be the most grateful cat ever if you pick me to adopt!
Pepper: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 11 months

Hey there fellas. I'm Pepper. I am an almost 3 year old black, neutered male cat. I came to Stray Haven as an outside stray after I was injured very badly. The staff is unsure if I had escaped an animal attack (coyote/fox) or if I was trying to stay warm near the engine of someone's car and they turned it on while I was inside. Whatever happened though I was gravely injured. My back had a wound on it the circumference of a baseball, and my two front paws were badly torn to shreds. I was in quite a bit of pain and it was a very rough few weeks. I had to be on all different kinds of medications, antibiotics and deworming meds for my stomach. Took my human friends who were caring for me quite a while to find a food that worked with my stomach. That's Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach. I sure do love that food, its so yummy! Since my wounds were so severe though, I went to live in a foster home for around a month. While I was there, I was able to finally relax, decompress, and use all of that time to heal up quite a bit. Now if you look at me you would never ever even know how serious my wounds were if there wasn't picture proof! When I arrived at Stray Haven, they found out that I was unfortunately FIV+. This means that I don't have the strongest immune system and that I am just a little more liable to catch infections easier. It also plays a role in my stomach being sensitive than most, which is why I will need a really good and healthy food to eat so my stomach doesn't get upset. My human friends told me that they have adopted out plenty of FIV+ cats and they tell me that I can be expected to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. I'm hoping that holds true for me! My foster mom wanted to also let you know that since I lived outside as a stray, and after my horrific accident, that I can get pretty scared if I'm startled. I'm working on it, and listening to the hustle and bustle of the every day shelter isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I don't do all that well with younger kids. They're a little too fast moving and unpredictable for me so I would probably do best in a home with maybe some older kids. My foster mom and the shelter staff have seen my personality though and they all agree that I am a very sociable and happy cat despite all the terrible things that I've been through. I am quite the chatterbox and I love to meow and talk to you whenever I want some attention. This is easily one of my best qualities as I will communicate with you to help show you what I'm wanting or feeling at any given point. I love me some chin scratches and ear rubs and I will even chatter through that as well! I am seriously quite an amusing cat to be around and I would love nothing more than to be able to lounge around in a home of my own. Will you be the one to open your heart and home to a cat like me? A cat that has been through so much in his young life and is still willing to pour out as much love as I do? I hope that I don't have to wait too long here for my very own chance at happiness..
Viva: Domestic Long Hair Cat aged 1 year 2 months

Well hello there. My name is Viva. Not much is known about my past, other than I was probably abandoned or gotten out of my home and was trying to live on the streets. I wasn't very good at it though because I came in extremely underweight. When a Good Samaritan found me in a school parking lot hiding in the wheel well of a big van, she knew that she had to act quickly. Leaving me there as the other humans told her to was something she was not okay with or prepared to do. Stray Haven was happy to oblige my rescuer and took me into their care. They gave me all the comfort a scared girl like me could ever want. A warm bed, a hide-a-way box to feel safe in and take my cat naps, and all the food I could ever need. We're still working on that though, as I haven't been very interested in eating too much of my food. My human friends are worried about me enough that they put me on some appetite stimulants to see if they'll help get me to eat more. It hasn't helped a whole lot though. The shelter is just so scary and stressful to me that I am not acclimating to it well at all. I'm now on a weight log to monitor my weight so I don't go too far downhill. Honestly, I think I just need to get out of here.. As nice as my human friends are to me, I want nothing more than to be in a home. I don't think I'll ever be happy here, and a shelter is no place for a depressed and broken-hearted cat. Do you have a quiet household that might take an interest in me? Maybe another cat that isn't confrontational or dominant towards others? Someone who has a gentle touch and lots of love to give? I need all of the help I can get at this point. If you come down and meet me, I know you'll see how much potential I have inside me, I'm just really slow to show you just how sweet I can be. I really do enjoy the head pets and chin scratches that I get, it's just hard for me to show it. I hope you don't hold that against me though and that you come for me soon. I'll be counting down the days until I'm on my way to my forever home.
Skyy: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 19 weeks

Hello there, my name is Skyy. I'm a very pretty Tabby cat, one who likes to be pouncy and I just love to keep as active as I can be. They tried to call me a "typical" kitten, but I've been trying to show them that I am clearly the superior pouncer in my family. I came in from a large hoarding situation and have spent some time in a foster home so I could learn how to be a kitten and get more socialization. Fast forward a couple of months and I am back and looking for my forever home! I definitely am fond of other cats and kittens, they even have a picture of me passed out sleeping on the chest of another cat from my foster home. As long as someone is patient in letting me warm up to you, then I know we will be best friends in no time. I love having a variety of mouse toys and jingle balls to be able to play with. Wand toys are also acceptable to me. You will just have to come in and meet me to see for yourself. Besides, I am quite the adorable little kitten and any home would be lucky to have me. Contact my people at Stray Haven or stop in during our open hours to see me!
Morgan: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 19 weeks

Hello there. My name is Morgan. Sometimes they call me the Captain around here. I was rescued at a pretty early age along with my 5 siblings from a hoarding situation. The nice people at the shelter came to rescue all of us though! I needed a little help with my socialization skills though so I went to go live in a foster home for a while to get the necessary skills to be a kitten. Luckily she had four adult cats in the home to help teach me the ropes. They taught me how to groom my velvety, black coat to purr-fection. However, I am a little more fond of my feline companions than everyone else. They just don't realize that I am one beautiful and independent diva. They're always trying to pet me, touch my fur, and cuddle. I'm just being honest, I have more important things on my mind than satisfying the cuddle needs of my humans. People are acceptable, and I am learning more and more to be okay with being around them, but my feline friends are where it's at. I also lived with a dog in the home, and I have to say, not the biggest fan. I don't appreciate being licked by them and I would prefer if they stayed away from me. Yeah, enough said there. If you are one of those people who would like their very own female house panther, then look no further. I will come when I'm feeling in the mood for attention, otherwise I am completely self-reliant. As long as you give me toys to play with, a place to sleep, and food to eat, I will be the perfect roommate. Stop on down to Stray Haven and see me for yourself! You will learn to appreciate the sass.
Octavia: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 3 years 3 months

Hey there! I'm Octavia! I am a spayed female Brown Tabby who is around 3 years old. Not much is known about my past but I am from a house where my owner, unfortunately, passed away. I ended up coming to Stray Haven shortly after. I spent about a week adjusting to my new life and I hid a lot from the staff. Then all of a sudden I decided that the workers weren't out to hurt me and that I was ready to receive attention. I have one of the softest and most delicate meows you'll ever hear. I use my voice to let you know when I want something so I hope you'll be one to talk back to me when I start meowing. I like to roam around and explore my surroundings. I don't really like to be confined so I hope in my next home I'll have free range to do whatever and go wherever I please. I am sweet-natured at heart and will love to be around anyone that I can. I'm not sure how I feel about dogs or young kids but that would be a question for my human friends at the shelter. I would be a great addition to any home so if you come to meet me, I know I will prosper in a home that is looking to share all the love and affection with me that they can! Stop on down and meet me!
Masha: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 2 months

Greetings! I'm Masha! I am a gorgeous 1-year-old spayed female. I'm sure you already notice, but I am probably one of the prettiest Calico cats you will ever lay eyes upon. My colors mesh together seamlessly. I recently just had a litter of kittens in March of this year and raised 5 beautiful and healthy babies. With the help of the wonderful couple who took me in from outside, allowed me to have my babies inside their basement, and then doted on us for 7 weeks, they did everything and more that I could ask for. Sadly, they knew that my babies and I all deserved loving homes of our own. They were extremely heartbroken to see me go but they knew it was for the best to give me my shot at a forever home. I hear that they take care of and help lots of other kitties and seeing how great of a job they did with me, I know they were meant to be a part of my life. Now I'm on the prowl for my next adventure.. the search for my very own home. Since I was originally a stray that showed up, not a whole lot is known about my life before my rescuers came into my life. I tend to be a little on the timid side. I'm still adjusting to shelter life. Going from outside, to a quiet basement, to the hustle and bustle of a shelter.. I've experienced a lot of change in such a short time. I know that not everyone is out to hurt me, so a slow and gentle approach is best for me. I probably would do best in a calm household that doesn't have younger kids. I'm not sure how I would handle that or living with some dog friends. You would have to talk to the staff on that one. Once I get used to my new parents though, and as long as they're patient and understanding, I'm positive that I will blossom. I can only say so much though, so why don't you stop on down for yourself and come see me? It will be impossible to come down to the shelter and not visit me! I hope to see you soon!
Guava: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 9 months

Hey guys! I'm Guava! I was part of a humane/hoarding case where I ended up at another Humane Society out near Kingston and was eventually transferred over to Stray Haven! Not much is known about my past, apart from being in a house with a lot of other cats. Due to the fact that there were a lot of other cats in the home, I wasn't socialized very much so I'm still learning to trust new people. As long as you're patient and gentle with me, I can warm up pretty quickly, however I have had so much change recently that I am still pretty scared of everything happening around me. I like the confines of my box to hide in and make me feel safe. I'm not sure how I feel about dogs and children, as I would need a home that is understanding of my natural instinct to hide and be alone. As long as I have my own space and can warm up on my own, I know I will be fine. Once I've successfully learned to trust you though, I am really sweet and just want some head pets and chin scratches. If you think that you have a mildly quiet home, and some patience for me to come out of my shell, then I'm the cat for you! Stop on down and visit me at the shelter and we'll see if we can be friends!
Karen: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 4 years 0 months

Hey fellas! My name is Karen! I came to the shelter with my four little babies who are all happy and healthy little kittens! Sadly, as they just grow up so fast, it was time for us to part ways where they all could find their forever homes, along with myself! Since I came in as a stray, not a whole lot is known about my past. I'm still trying to figure out this whole new comfort lifestyle so hopefully you don't hold it against me that I may not sleep in your brand new cat beds and baskets right away. Every morning when my human friends come to see me, I pop right up and get so happy that they are here! I will quietly meow and wait patiently until they come and give me some attention. I wish they could spend as much time with me as possible, as I can't get enough of being around them and showing them just how affectionate I am. My markings are very unique and my silky white fur has some of the best contrast that you will ever see. I can guarantee that you won't ever lose sight of me, even when all the lights are turned off! I'm not sure how I feel about dogs or kids just yet, but you can always ask my human friends here at the shelter how they think I may react to them. After doing such a good job with motherhood, I'm ready to settle down and get into a home of my very own. I'm hoping that I don't have to wait too long for it! Why don't you come on down and see if this pretty girl is the one to win you over!
Diamond: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 1 year 2 months

Hello there! I'm Diamond! I had previously lived some or all of my life in a trailer park, and I ended up coming to Stray Haven to be altered through our low-cost Spay & Neuter clinic. The person who brought me in asked if they could evaluate me and see if I was able to stay at the shelter after my surgery. As you can probably already tell by my presence at the shelter, I passed with flying colors! I'm really happy about it because now I have a shot at finding my very own home instead of being released back to the trailer park. I was a little scared or nervous at first because there was so much going on during the clinic, but one of the staff members was able to win me over and show me that I was safe and going to be okay. Since I've been here, I was moved in with a few other female cats and we all get along pretty well! I like being out and stretching my legs, climbing up on all the cat trees, and playing with some of the various toys that are inside my cage! I enjoy finding a nice and soft spot to curl up and take a catnap. I think everyone should have a Tuxedo cat in their life because we are full of so much personality! I know if you came down to visit me though, that we could be friends in no time! Since a lot of my past is unknown, I'm not sure how I feel about dogs or kids just yet, so you would have to ask the Cat Care Team about that. As long as I have my own safe space and that I'm not thrust into a stressful situation, I'm hoping that I can transition to home life with no problem. You should definitely stop on down to see me. I'll brighten and light up your world just like any Diamond would!
Kaz: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 16 weeks

Hey! I'm Kaz! Sometimes I get called Kaz-manian devil because I occasionally like to zoom-zoom-zoom! I am the latest and greatest little panther to hit the adoption floor here at Stray Haven. I came from a not so great situation, but boy am I glad to be out of there! The shelter is much nicer and I get to see people who love to be around me and see me whenever they get the chance. I was the only boy out of all of my littermates so I think that automatically makes me special. I am as playful as can be and love any and all affection. You can pick me up and hold me like a baby and I will purr and purr with pleasure! I would be a welcome addition to any home that picks me, I just hope that maybe I'll have a feline companion that I can romp around and play with to get some of this kitten energy out! If you think that I'm the one for you, then stop on down and meet me for yourself! You won't be sorry!
Nappa: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 20 weeks

Hello! Behold, for I am Nappa! Another mighty kitten! I came to the shelter with a few of my siblings and I was big enough to already be neutered! I have been with my brother, Vegeta, since coming to the shelter and I very much enjoy being around him. He is not only my brother but my best friend! I hope I'm able to get the chance to get to go home with him or to a house that has some other feline companions that can keep me company. I am a little shy at first but as long as you're patient with me and give me some time to warm up to you, I know that we will be friends in no time. I am your typical kitten, I love romping around and playing as much as any other kitten. I love my cat hammocks and cat perches to hang out on. Especially cat trees! Those are my favorite. If you think that I am the kitten for you, then please don't hesitate to come on down and see me. I will be forever grateful if you are the one to take me home to be yours!
Chi-Chi: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 20 weeks

Hello there! I'm Chi-Chi! That's pronounced Chee-Chee. I got to Stray Haven with my sister and two brothers and we are all so glad to be able to be in the same big cage together! I am a little over 3 months old and am so full of life. I have all of the kitten energy and love being able to play with my siblings and the other cats in my cage. Just like any other kitten, it doesn't take much at all to please me. I love being able to pick and choose which toy I feel like playing with and having many options all around. Cat trees are a must because they are so much fun to climb, play, and sleep on. I need some real comfy spots to be able to pass out on, being a kitten can be hard work sometimes. I am still learning that my human friends aren't out to get me, so it will take a little bit of time to fully come out of my shell. I've come a long way though and I know I can bloom into a wonderful member of any family. Stop on down to the shelter and meet me! You won't be sorry!
Eska: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 2 months

Hey guys! My name is Eska! I am a wonderful Black and White female who is a little over 2 years old! I came in to Stray Haven with my sister, Desna, and our litter of kittens that we pretty much co-parented together. My human friends believed I was the original Mother but it's hard to tell not knowing a whole lot about our lives before then. I'm so thankful to now be at Stray Haven though, as our last home did not give us cat food.. Instead they were feeding us human food, like bread.. As I'm sure you can infer, eating a consistent diet of human food, when I'm a cat, was not good for me and the rest of my little kitty family at all.. My new human friends have worked tirelessly to get us back to health. I will need to be fed a really good food, maybe like the Purina Pro Plan which they tell me is an excellent choice to be fed. I've spent my entire time here at the Shelter with my sister and we are pretty inseparable if I'm being honest. I have a high activity level as I'm just now being able to be a normal cat and show my true personality around people who love and adore me. I will play with any toys that I can, but those little furry/glittery soft pom balls are some of my favorites. I could chase those ALL day. I also hope you like help when you clean, because I will help you chase that broom around as much as I can. The motion of you sweeping just fascinates me and I am the perfect little helper! I'm also quite the conversationalist! I love to meow and chatter at you and with you. Its a sign of my affection and I love to show what an amazing little kitty that I am! If you think that you would be interested in me, I would love it if you would consider my sister too. We make an excellent pair together and besides, who doesn't love a big cuddle pile of loving cats? Talk to my human friends about me (us) and I'm sure they will gush and gush about us. I can't wait! That's enough for now, I'll see you when you get here!
Reilly: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 14 weeks

Oh, Hi! I'm Reilly, I like to snuggle and pounce! I'm pretty good at both, but I had a pretty icky gash on my cheek that had me feelin' the blues. I'm feeling better now and I just want a real family, finally! Come meet me at Stray Haven!
Meadow: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 1 year 9 months

Hey there. I'm Meadow! I am an almost two year old male Brown Tabby cat. I was brought in by a Good Samaritan who wanted to get me off of the streets and into a home. I was hanging around as a stray and I made friends with all of the neighbors and their families all pitched in to help make sure that I was fed and everything. Unfortunately the rules of the complex allowed dogs but not cats. It was a huge bummer because I learned to really like all of them. They told me I was way too nice to spend the rest of my life outdoors, so the shelter was contacted and I ended up coming here. I have had a lot of freedom in my life so coming here is definitely new for me.. I am slowly learning to adjust to this big change and so far it is a little slow going. I spend a lot of my time sleeping and hiding in boxes, under blankets and in cat trees. I like being able to feel safe and sound in this new place. Luckily my human friends are super nice, as well as some of the other cats that I've met here. I feel more comfortable being around them as they make me feel like I'm not alone. My surrender told the staff that even if it takes a bit of time to warm up to someone, she knew I was capable of being a sociable cat who enjoyed being in a family setting and even sitting on some younger daughters laps. I would give anything to feel that feeling again and I'm hoping that when I do that it's back in a home where I so desperately want to be. If you have a little bit of time and want to come and sit with me and see if we can be friends then I highly recommend that you come on down and see me. Once I warm up to you I can guarantee that you won't regret it!
Felix: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 1 month

Hello my friends! I'm Felix! I am a Tabby with white coloring male who is around 2 years old. I was transferred in from another rescue who TNR's cats. They asked the rescue if I had a home to go to after my Neuter and they just told them that I was to be released back into a trailer park somewhere. The Stray Haven staff said absolutely not, and that they wanted to keep me. I guess this speaks volumes about what they saw in me that day. Since staying at the shelter until I was recovered, I have easily won over the hearts of the staff here. My calm temperament and laid-back personality made me a staff favorite. I love the comfort of my cat beds and blankets, as well as making biscuits whenever they come to visit with me. I love showing them how grateful I am that they chose to keep me so I didn't have to go live outdoors again. I'm not sure if you can tell by my ears, but I had gotten some frostbite damage to both of my ears. It is really sad when you think about it, me all alone outside trying to seek shelter and just being so cold. I'm hoping I never have to experience that kind of struggle ever again in my life. Though my ears may not look normal like other cats, I sure don't let it stop me from being me! I am quite a happy cat and am just so appreciative of everything around me. The only thing I am missing from my life is a home of my very own. I know my human friends at the shelter would agree but they would prefer to see me living inside for the rest of my life. Especially after having such a hard time in my past life. If you think you could be the one to give me a nice cushy life, full of lots of love and all the head pets and chin scratches you could possibly give, then come on down and see me for yourself. I'm sure I will leave you with a great impression of me!
Max: Labrador Retriever/Bluetick Coonhound Dog aged 11 years 1 month

Hey what's up?? My name is Max! I'm 10 years old, and I'm such a happy guy! I was brought here because my owners could no longer care for me. I have never been to the vet, can you believe that?? I'm getting some great care here though. I have a few lumps and bumps here and there as most old pups do. We're working on figuring me out medically. Either way, the staff say I am unique and handsome. I am quite a big boy, so I definitely need to lose some weight, I'm working on it! I love people and just existing around them, but I can be a little slow to warm up at first. I'm super independent and like to do my own thing. If you let me come to you to get some sniffs in before you try to pet me, that would be awesome! I think some treats would help, too!! I would prefer a calm household to live out the rest of my days! A warm bed and some snacks sound perfect! I have lived with other dogs and would prefer to meet any potential roommates before committing. I'm not sure how I feel about cats and kids. Older kids, if any, would be best for me. If you're looking for a calm companion, I'm your guy! please come down to the shelter and ask to meet me!
Curly: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 19 weeks

Hey y'all! It's your boy, Curly! I arrived at Stray Haven with my two brothers, Moe and Larry! Yep, you got it, we are the Three Stooges litter! We were all boys so the staff knew they had to jump on the opportunity when it presented itself. My human friends here at the shelter aren't exactly sure what my past might have been like, but they know that we were probably born inside and raised in a decent home. I'm a pretty sociable and affectionate guy. Especially if I know that you're my friend and not out to get me. As long as I'm in the company of one of my brothers, or other kitten cage mates, I know I'll be alright. That's why you should consider adopting a friend! Save two lives and you have life long companions. It's a win-win for everyone. I have a gorgeous Grey and White coat that looks similar to my brother, Larry, except for the fact that I have more white on my face and nose unlike Curly who has the white chin. I'm looking for a home of my own ASAP though. The shelter is great and all, but I want to live my life without restrictions. I mean, can you blame me though? I want to be able to look out windows, lay in the sun, and run around the house at all hours of the night. If you think that we could be friends, then I would say that you should come on down and see me for yourself! Definitely take a look at one of my brothers or friends here while you're at it too! You won't regret it!
Ragnar: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 15 weeks

Greetings! I am Ragnar! The mightiest and most famous kitten that is currently at Stray Haven. I came in with my Mother, and three siblings. Surprise, surprise though, I was the only one of us who had a normal tail! All the rest of my siblings and Mother is a Manx! I don't feed to much into it though, I'm different and that's the way it was meant to be. As the great Ragnar once said; "You don't need a title to be a leader." Or I guess a bob tail.. I just look at it as that I have a clear advantage over all of them. Since being rescued from outside, I have warmed up quite a bit to my human friends here at the shelter. I love romping around with my litter mates and cage mates. Cat trees, towers, jingle balls, plush mice, and interactive toys are some of my favorites! I even like sitting in the top perches to look down on my subjects, I mean siblings.. You can often find me deep in kitty thought, planning my next great idea and day out. After tons of mischief and activity though, I enjoy settling down and taking a nice and long cat nap. Yep, I' am just your average kitten. Enough about the stories of Ragnar. Remember, all roads lead to the throne and I strive to live for another day! Sail, or I guess drive those cars on over to the shelter and behold me in all of my glory! Ask about getting a companion to come home with me, you won't regret it!
Floki: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 15 weeks

Hello! It's me! Floki! Floki the hunter. Floki the pouncer. Floki the mighty kitten! I was born around a Good Samaritans yard who contacted Stray Haven about catching me, my 3 siblings and my Mother. With the help of my new human friends, they helped catch all of us and were able to bring us to the shelter! They have deemed us forevermore, the Vikings litter! My mom, myself, and two of my siblings are all little Manx's! This means we all have little nubs or bob-tails! Mine doesn't slow me down or bother me, I am every bit of kitten as everyone else. I think it makes me very unique! Like most Manx's, I have a highly intelligent and playful personality! I think they picked the perfect character for me! I have spent quite a bit of time with my brother Ragnar, and when we were all ready to go, we were reunited with my siblings Rollo and Torvi! I am loving all of this extra space. Racing from cage end to cage end, climbing cat trees, kitten parkour, chasing all of my siblings and cage mates around. I don't think it could get much better! Well, it totally would if I was able to get into a home of my very own! That would be amazing! Maybe you'll take one of my siblings too or a friend for me? I hope so! I am full of energy and life, and I would do my best to use my eccentric self to brighten up any home! Stop on down to Stray Haven and see me for yourself!
Torvi: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 15 weeks

Hello friends! My name is Torvi! I am a gorgeous, Brown Tabby female who is the next best thing to grace the Stray Haven shelter. Like the rest of my Vikings litter mates, we were all caught outside one by one, with my Mom included. The nice humans got us inside and I've been staying here ever since. I am also a Manx kitten and have the cutest little bob-tail/nub. I don't mean to gloat, but I am sooo much more loving than my siblings. I am definitely the most caring, strong willed, and loyal kitten of the bunch. The quickest to warm up to the nice caretakers here, and the first to allow being held without panicking or throwing a fit! Yep, I dare say that I am one of a kind! When I'm not running around playing with my brothers and other cage mates, I am trying as hard as I can to attract the attention of the humans that I see every day. You will hear me start purring, and immediately come up to them. I can hardly contain my excitement! I enjoy being held, and will even take advantage of a warm and open lap to take a snooze in. You would be hard pressed to find a better kitten.. Like I said, caring, strong willed, and loyal! If you're searching for a kitten like me, you should make your way on down to Stray Haven to see me. You might want to hurry up though, I am positive that I won't be here long at all!
Pernella: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 2 years 10 months

Hey guys! My name is Pernella and it is so nice to meet you! I am between 2 and 3 years old, and I am a gorgeous Brown Tabby cat. I have very distinct and great markings that make me so appealing to look at. In case you haven't already seen or looked at my ears, I have quite the prominent tufts. Bet you haven't seen a cat like me too often! I came to Stray Haven with my 3 babies who I did an excellent job of raising if I do say so myself. Since then they have all flown the coop after getting all big and strong. Now it is time to focus on myself and search for my next adventure! I am a very elegant lady, and I take excellent care of myself to keep myself looking this good. If there's one thing that I love, it's my human friends here at the shelter! I love to spend time with them whenever I can. I will meow and churr at them whenever I can to let them know I want some attention. I am also pretty active so I hope my next home has lots of toys for me to play with so I can get some of my energy out. I do alright with my other feline companions, but since I was a stray and not much was known about my past, I'm not sure how I feel about dogs or children just yet, but ask my human friends here at the shelter about that! I really am quite sociable and loving, and I'm hoping that I don't have to wait very long until someone decides to pick me to be theirs. I would love it if that would happen, so I think you should stop on down and see me for yourself! I am up to date on all of my vaccinations and ready to come home! Won't you be the one to pick me?
Eleanor: Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland Dog Dog aged 1 year 3 months

Hi my name is Eleanor. I was found by a family as a stray in 2020 and they took me in as a companion and I was about 7 months at the time, but now I'm 1 year of age. I am a big girl (100 lbs) and they DNA tested me so I am a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland/Australian Shepherd mix and I'm still growing a bit! I am housetrained and am used to living in a house but my previous owners said that I was alone up to 12 hours a day! I needed a lot more exercise than I was getting, so I was very playful and silly with my family when I did get a chance. Unfortunately, some of my behaviors became a concern for my family. When a stranger approached me while I was on my property, I bit him and he needed medical attention. I am very protective of my home and family but because I was left outside unsupervised for many hours, and because I'm so cute, people wanted to approach me. I also had a couple of incidents of using my mouth with the children in the home and my family decided I wasn't right for them. Here at Stray Haven, Eleanor has been a delight with us. She is funny, she's silly, but she's also confident. She has met one person she instantly did not like but 99% of others she is very fond of. However, we understand she needs an owner that is a confident dog handler. Eleanor is a big girl and she's not for everyone. She did live with other dogs and enjoys the companionship of other dogs a lot, but we think kids 10+ years of age would be best for her. Eleanor will need a home that can give her plenty of exercise and lots of structure. We think she has amazing potential and just needs the right match. Please inquire about her if interested!
Rupert: Terrier/Mix Dog aged 3 years 1 month

Honey: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog aged 6 years 1 month

Denver: Treeing Walker Coonhound Dog aged 5 years 1 month

Lenny: Mix Dog aged 2 years 1 month

Scoobie: Mix Dog aged 11 years 1 month

Hi everyone, my name is Scoobie, don't let my age fool you, I've got a lot of spunk for an elderly fellow. I like to run around and smell all of the smells and when I'm done? I can't wait to just pal around be a very helpful boy. If you've got some time, and maybe some room in your house for a little guy like me, stop by Stray Haven some time, I can't wait to have a home again!
Ethel: Hound Dog aged 2 years 7 months

Marble: Mix Dog aged 1 year 1 month

HI guys! I'm Marble! I'm just the best girl, but I do have a lot of puppy energy still! I'm only a year old, so I still have a lot to learn about life. But man, I can't wait to learn it all! I can be a handful on a leash, but the staff have been helping me with that already! I LOVE playing tugs, and I'm even learning how to drop the toy, even though I really just want to run around and show off my cool toy! If you want to meet me, or maybe just play with some toys, or go for a walk, stop by Stray Haven some time! I can't wait to meet you!
Precious: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 1 year 1 month

Hi there! My name is Precious! I am a beautiful 1 year old female who has come to stay at Stray Haven. According to the person from my last home, I was rescued from the outside world when I was really young, and I have lived in a home ever since. Unfortunately, my family was not able to give me the time and attention that I need as a young cat so it was decided that I come here to try and find my next home at the shelter.. It was a bit of a harsh, reality check. I didn't understand what was going on and coming to stay here put my stress levels through the roof. I developed a nasty UTI infection and had to be put on antibiotics for it to be cleared up. Luckily the staff here has a really good handle on these things and they gave me all of the comfort that I need. I tunneled under my blankets a lot and I got a big hide-away box that I could feel safe in. They gave me lots of time to get acclimated to shelter life and a ton of patience, and slowly but surely I have let my true personality come out. I would poke my head out whenever I hear my human friends come into the room and peer around the walls of my box to see who it is. I hope you have lots of blankets in your house because I would love to snuggle under the blankets that you have. I also am very fond of little toy mice. Either the soft plush ones or the small ones that rattle inside. I will carry my favorite ones in my mouth and walk around with them to show everyone that these are mine! I also hope that you have some cat trees in the home as I like to sleep in them and watch everything going on around me. I am really just a sweet, little girl that has dreams of getting back inside a home of my own as soon as I can. I am not sure how I feel about dogs and children yet, so that would have to be a conversation for my human friends here at the shelter. If you think that I could be a good fit in your family, then please stop on down and visit me. I will be here waiting, I just hope that it's not too long!
Bailey: Labrador Retriever/Mix Dog aged 9 years 1 month

Hello everyone, my name is Bailey. I'm a very mannerly older lady, and I enjoy taking brisk walks with plenty of time to stop and smell the smells. I arrived at Stray Haven via the Transport Alliance, they told the staff at Stray Haven that I have always had a home to call my own, and I want you to know, that I definitely miss having my own soft places to sleep. I seem to do pretty well on a leash, though I do get very excited to go outside at times. I'm always on the look out for my squirrel "friends" I just love chasing them. I like most dogs that I meet, but I would probably prefer to go home with another, older dog. Even so, I would still to do a meet and greet with any potential new canine roommates. I do tend to bark when I'm ready to go for a walk, so, while I am a little lower energy than some dogs, I do enjoy the sound of my own voice. If you would like to get to know me better stop by Stray Haven and we can get to know each other!
Banjo: Mix Dog aged 3 years 1 month

Mystic: Shepherd/Mix Dog aged 4 years 0 months

Mila: Pit Bull Terrier/Shepherd Dog aged 14 years 1 month

Olivia: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 1 year 0 months

Hi there! I'm Olivia! I am a young, female Brown Tabby cat! I came in to Stray Haven as a stray to get fixed and my owner said that if I passed the behavioral exams, then I would be allowed to stay. As I'm sure you can already tell by reading this, I passed my tests with flying colors and I am now on the hunt for a home of my very own! I am very sociable and outgoing. I love to follow you and walk around to see if you need help with anything. I am just too nice to be wandering around outside without a home so I am thrilled that the shelter was able to keep me! So far I've only meet a few other cats and we seem to get along pretty good. I haven't met any doggos but that would be a question for my human friends here. I get pretty excited whenever people come to see me though, as I just want to spend a lot of time with people. I would love to be able to have a good window to sit and sun myself and watch the world go by. As well as cat trees to play in and sleep on. I've got a ton of life left in me, and I really wish that I could share it with a family of my own. A kitty like me that is this good natured and adventurous would be a wonderful addition to any family. I hope that's soon though.. I really want a home of my own, and hopefully I don't have to wait too long for it. Will you be the one to take me out of here and give me my forever home? I'll be here, waiting patiently for your arrival!
Toto: Domestic Long Hair Cat aged 15 weeks

Houdini: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 15 weeks

Beau: American Staffordshire Terrier/Mix Dog aged 6 years 5 months

Hello! My name is Beau and I'm the big man around here. I'm a 70+ pound 6-year-old American Staffordshire terrier mix who was brought to Stray Haven from a high kill shelter in North Carolina. I've been on quite the weight-loss journey. The shelter down south has had me losing some weight as I was over 100 lbs! I could still benefit from being a few pounds lighter but I'm looking good! They walk me a lot up here and I love it! I don't really pull at all and when I do it's only because I don't know where we are going or a smell catches my attention. Unfortunately I can't be with cats. I love to chase and won't stop when I get to them. I was adopted for a while but my companion dog and I would play rough and sometimes I got a little too much, so staff thinks that I'd probably do best in a home with no other pets. But I LOVE people! I love kids, older people (my previous owners were elderly), younger people and would be a great family boy for pretty much anyone who's looking for a big lovebug. I'm super easy-going and a big gentle boy and I don't require too much exercise. I'm really a couch potato after a short walk. I am housetrained, I love being in a home, and am a really solid, good-natured boy. I've even helped up in the office at Stray Haven but I tend to do a lot of napping there as the kennels can be a little stressful for me. But when I'm in a home I'm quiet, loving and just a wonderful dog!
Kara: Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 5 years 0 months

Rollie: Redbone Coonhound/Mix Dog aged 6 months

Fender: Redbone Coonhound Dog aged 1 year 1 month

Hi ya'll. My names Fender and I'm just a good ol' redbone coonhound from down south. I got loose and some nice humans found me wandering the streets of North Carolina. They showed me typical southern hospitality and welcomed me right in, even gave me a ride up north to Stray Haven to help find me a new permanent home. I like to play rough and rowdy with my canine buddies but we always keep it friendly. I like kids too so a family home would suit me just fine. If you think you might have the home for me then call or just come on down to the shelter and let's get acquainted.
Ace: Akita Dog aged 4 years 5 months

Hi everyone, I'm Ace and I'm a 4 year old Akita who's looking for a new home. My human friends here at the shelter are pretty cool but they have too many rules. Sometimes I like to mess with them and make them chase me when it's time to come inside from the play yard. They say I'm a bit stubborn and aloof but I'm no different than any of the other Akita's i know. Speaking of which, I like to play alone so I'm hoping to find a home with no other animals. I had a nice lady from an Akita rescue visit me here at Stray Haven and she thinks I'm ready to be in a home as long as it's one that has no little humans and the big humans must have experience with Akita's like me. If you think your home fits the bill then give stray haven a call and let them know all about it. (meets by appointment only)
Tatum: Bullmastiff Dog aged 8 years 0 months

Steve Little: Australian Kelipe/Mix Dog aged 1 year 8 months

My name is Steve Little but there's nothing little about me! I'm one big boy with a big personality to match! I'm a lovable guy, and I'm pretty goofy, I am only 1-year-old after all. My favorite thing to do is explore the yard and smell everything. I traveled here from somewhere far away called North Carolina. You see, I was in a high kill shelter, so I'm safe now that I'm here! I have spent my whole short life on a chain outside so I am thankful for the opportunity to find a family of my own. The thought of it excites me so much that I could run around the yard forever!! I was previously adopted but was returned because that house was a little hectic. When the young kids would play, I would get a little overwhelmed and want to join them. Dogs and people don't play the same and sometimes, I would play like a dog and be a little too rough for the little ones in the home. I think I would benefit from a home with older kids who I can't overpower. When I play with other dogs, sometimes I just can't stop! If I do live with another dog, they probably shouldn't be smaller than I am, and they should want to play all the time! If you have a dog in the home, we would have to meet at the shelter first to make sure we're going to be buds. I probably shouldn't live in a home with cats (for the cats safety, if you know what I mean), I just can't resist those little fluffballs. I do great with kids and I'm friendly with strangers. I loooove long walks, tug-of-war or just to snuggle! I do well in the car and I'm learning to walk better on leash, I'm still just a pup with lots of energy. If you're interested in meeting me, please come down to Stray Haven and ask for me, Steve (not so) Little! I'm looking forward to it!!
Dutch: Poodle/Terrier Dog aged 4 years 0 months

Harriet (Ginger Rose): Mountain Cur/Mix Dog aged 3 years 1 month

Hello everyone! My name is Harriet, I can be a bit reserved when I meet new people, but I have the sweetest soul. I LOVE to meet new dogs though, I would really love to go to a home with dog friends! The shelter staff still requires a dog meet and greet prior to adoption, and I'm really looking forward to that! I hope you are too, and hopefully I will see you soon!
Indigo: Jack Russell Terrier Dog aged 7 months

Julio: Chihuahua Dog aged 4 years 0 months

Violet: Jack Russell Terrier Dog aged 7 months

Triscuit: Mix Dog aged 1 year 4 months

My name is Triscuit, I'm a Jack Russel Terrier mix and people tell me that's no surprise after they meet me. I have A LOT of energy and I'm hoping to find a family that likes to get up and go. I love hikes and being outdoors. I'll even climb a tree to chase a squirrel if you let me. If you have the time and the energy to match mine please jog down to Stray Haven and let's go for a run together!!

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