Male Dog aged 2 years 0 months.

Mackie is one of our most affectionate young dogs - he LOVES cuddles and belly rubs. He's also very playful and enjoys retrieve games and toys in general. Given the choice he'd much rather be around people than other dogs.


Female Dog aged 2 years 0 months.

Nasi is a beautiful, playful young street dog (Thai Ridgeback) who loves cuddles & affection as much as she loves to play!


Female Dog aged 2 years 0 months.


Female Dog aged 1 year 9 months.

Tap is a sweet girl with a gentle, quiet nature. She prefers the company of people to dogs but can get along with both very easily. She is not dominant or aggressive in any way and would make a wonderful pet dog :)

Mali (lek)

Female Dog aged 1 year 7 months.

Mali is a little shy/nervous around new people but once she gets used to you, is a very sweet and gentle pup. She has lots of energy and makes some adorable noises when she's get excited and wants to play :)

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