Cat #:17-1103. Female aged approx. 1 year 6 months
Tortoiseshell Domestic Short Hair.

Hi, my name is Amber. I'm very shy until I learn I can trust you. I love playing with other cats once trust is built and I LOVE children. I'm not a lap cat but I love sitting with people, just being with them. I'm looking for someone who is willing to give me time to work out I can trust them, then I'll be as loyal as anything.


Cat #:17-1102. Female aged approx. 1 year 6 months
White and Tabby Domestic Short Hair.

Elsa is really cuddly, and gets on so well with other cats in the house she even plays chasey. She loves to roll around on the ground. Elsa loves all attention that you're willing to share with her and will reward you with a good purr for pleasing this Disney Queen. She loves to follow you around the house, but if you need to leave, is easily entertained with her toys until you return. You'll often find Elsa tucked up on the lounge.


Cat #:14-372. Female aged approx. 5 years 11 months
Dark Tortoiseshell Domestic Long Hair.

I'm a beautiful, mature female. I'm timid until you get to know me but when I trust you I will give lots of cuddles. I am also good with children


Cat #:17-1149. Male aged approx. 1 year 3 months
Black Domestic Short Hair.

Just like the Bagheera from the Jungle book I am sly and slink around am a little shy until i trust you, I'm not big on loud noises. I am affectionate, a big softy though and love a scratch and a cuddle, i can be held but be aware i will chin bump you, have a motor equivalent to a V8, that sometimes will drool If i want your attention i will get it with my voice, love bites and kisses


Cat #:17-1151. Female aged approx. 10 months
Tabby Domestic Short Hair.

Hey I'm Gabby (or if you're really fancy I'll roll with Gabriella). I'm a very independent kitty however I do enjoy having a cuddle on the lounge. I love playing around with the boys but can be standoffish towards the girls. I'd love to go to a home with someone who is willing to give me a few days to warm up to.


Cat #:17-1164. Female aged approx. 2 years 2 months
Black Domestic Short Hair.

Hello my name is Lucy, I am very friendly and have a very lour purr. I also love having quiet time and some times I also love hiding in the most weirdest of places


Cat #:17-1174. Female aged approx. 9 weeks
Black Domestic Short Hair.


Cat #:17-1178. Female aged approx. 24 weeks
Grey Tabby Domestic Short Hair.

My name is Queenie and I love lots of cuddles and to be held. I absolutely love sleeping in cat beds and been wrapped up like a baby as that's what I am. I secretly play with toys when my foster family isn't looking, and if I feel insecure I run and hide in my beds as I feel safer there. I adore the company of other cats as sometimes you can hear a tiny little meow from me when I can't find them. Don't forget I LOVE being held in your arms


Cat #:17-1190. Female aged approx. 8 weeks
Tortie and White Domestic Short Hair.


Cat #:17-1193. Female aged approx. 3 years 0 months
Tabby Domestic Short Hair.

This young lady has a very distinctive voice and an extremely affectionate attitude. She is great with kids and lets face it, she will smooch anything that comes within smooching distance!


Cat #:17-1201. Female aged approx. 7 months
Tabby Domestic Short Hair.


Cat #:17-1202. Female aged approx. 7 months
Light Tabby Domestic Short Hair.


Cat #:17-1177. Male aged approx. 1 year 9 months
Tabby Domestic Short Hair.

I love a good cuddle and being around you, if your not around me i will find you by talking to you. I got along with my foster carers kitties as they were as chilled as i am.


Cat #:17-1135. Female aged approx. 20 weeks
Torti Tabby Domestic Short Hair.

Hi!!! I'm Primrose or Primmie, and I certainly am that. I'm a very needy puss who needs to be loved alllll the time. Sometimes I trick you into thinking I'm going to snuggle but really im planning my sneak attack. I do really love a good cuddle though, honestly! I am extremely affectionate and love hanging out with my Foster Mummys and my beautiful little sisters.

Pawdry Hepburn

Cat #:17-1203. Female aged approx. 1 year 0 months
Calico Domestic Short Hair.


Cat #:17-1204. Male aged approx. 2 years 0 months
Tabby Domestic Short Hair.


Cat #:17-1205. Male aged approx. 2 years 0 months
Ginger Domestic Short Hair.


Cat #:17-1206. Male aged approx. 10 weeks
Ginger and White Domestic Medium Hair.


Cat #:17-1212. Female aged approx. 17 weeks
Black Domestic Medium Hair.