Cat #:21-2350. Male aged approx. 9 weeks
Ginger and White Domestic Short Hair.

Playful, Bright and friendly although a little worried about sudden movements.

Tuxedo Mask

Cat #:21-2351. Male aged approx. 17 weeks
White and Tabby Domestic Short Hair.

Bright, calm and friendly

Sailor Moon

Cat #:21-2352. Female aged approx. 17 weeks
Tortoiseshell and White Domestic Short Hair.

Very talkative, likes attention and is a busy cat!


Cat #:21-2355. Female aged approx. 10 months
Ginger and White Domestic Medium Hair.

Bold and friendly but calm to handle


Cat #:20-2216. Male aged approx. 6 months
Tabby Domestic Short Hair.

Burra is a cheeky chap he loves to look out of the window and charge around the house with his bell ball. He also loves to snuggle up and plump you to make you nice and comfy. Really has come out of his shell.

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