Abby: Dachshund/Spaniel Dog estimated age is 16 years 7 months

Abby is a sweet little old blind long haired Dachshund who just wants to be held. She has been with her foster mom for quite sometime now and they are inseparable! Wherever Janet goes Abby comes too, even if it means on vacation. Abby is blind and came to us under the assumption that HOSPICE meant a short life but she has proven everyone wrong!
Baby: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 10 years 3 months

Baby joined through our always home program, developed to help aging humans when they are unable to care for their beloved pets. Baby is a Chihuahua with congestive heart failure. Due to her medical needs, Baby has been placed with a forever foster family so she can live out her life peacefully with our support. Baby needs a MONTHLY SPONSOR, for as little as $5 a month you can help sponsor her medications.
Baby: Pekingese Dog estimated age is 17 years 11 months

Baby is an approximately 17 year old miniature lion. She was surrendered by her owner after she could no longer care for Baby. Baby enjoys sleeping and cuddles, we know she her time with us may be short but we will make each and every day count!
Beau: Rat Terrier Dog estimated age is 10 years 4 months

Big ears, big smile and big personality! That's what Beau is all about! This little long-legged senior sweetie is everything you could ask for in a great canine companion. He is good with kids, dogs and cats. Beau loves to play fetch, play with stuffed animals and go for walks. His absolute favorite thing to do is give amazing kisses!
Bella: Labrador Retriever Dog estimated age is 15 years 11 months

Blaze: Wirehaired Terrier Dog estimated age is 14 years 10 months

Bonnie(Teetee): Rat Terrier Dog estimated age is 16 years 8 months

Sweet little Bonnie is 14 years young and was found tied up to a pole. Good samaritans rescued her and brought her to the shelter. She is a sweet and spunky little lass who is feeling so much better after having an extreme dental makeover. It's truly amazing how important dental care is for our canine companions. Bonnie loves her foster human sibling who is about the same age as her in physical years. They are best buds and love to hang out together! Bonnie is SPONSORED by Sharon Martin
Bradach: Shepherd Dog estimated age is 9 years 5 months

Bradach is a beautiful 8 year old shepherd mix who was found with singed fur and burned pads after a local fire raged through Alpine. He had a huge gash in his side and Babs Fry, trapper extraordinaire, was able to safely trap him and get him into a vet. He has recovered from his injuries and needs a place where he can have space and a yard. Bradach is a stoic dog who is dedicated to his humans. He needs a patient and understanding owner who will be grateful for his servitude to his humans.
Bruce: Pit Bull Terrier Dog estimated age is 11 years 11 months

My name is Bruce, like the great white shark in the movie Shark Tale. I'm so lucky I've found a forever family to call my own which included a deaf buffer like me! I am 11 years young, I love to play, I love to be silly, I love to make everyone smile from ear to ear! I had a rough start but I'm getting stronger and happier each day now that I'm feeling better! Lionel's Legacy had to call a special surgeon to come and perform a surgery to remove both my ear drums due to chronic infection but I'm doing so much better! I wav walks so very much and meeting new friends is my favoritist thing to do in the whole wide world! Please don't be afraid of my looks, I'm really a big role polly love muffin! I'm looking for some friends to help be my sponsor, don't worry it's not for AA or anything like that, it's for my medical! Would you be my sponsor for as little as $5 a month? You can sing up through our website at
Bubbles: Pit Bull Terrier Dog estimated age is 5 years 2 months

Bubbles joined us as a hospice foster due to her advanced mammary masses.
Captain Finnegan: Pit Bull Terrier Dog estimated age is 3 years 0 months

Cassidy: American Staffordshire Terrier Dog estimated age is 9 years 4 months

Cassidy waited and waited, sitting by the kennel gates asking himself day in and day out when will it be his turn? Well Cassidy doesn't have wonder any longer because he is now part of the Lionel's Legacy family! Cassidy was surrendered by his owners who couldn't afford his medical, he needed surgery to remove multiple masses and a splenic tumor. All came back negative for cancer until recently when he developed multiple growths on his skin. So, sweet old Cassidy will get the royal treatment while he's with us, some say they get lucky when they land in our care, we can't argue with that!
Champ(Maximus): Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 9 years 2 months

***MONTHLY SPONSOR NEEDED*** My name is Maximus(Max for short). I'm a little old guy with lots of personality and live in a home with big and little dogs. I have travelled the United States with my foster mom and have experienced a lot in my short life. I have a big heart and a murmur which pushes on my esophagus and makes me cough uncontrollably sometimes. My foster mom has gotten really good at preventing it and propping me up to help relieve pressure when it's bugging me. Im so lucky to be a Lionel's Legacy senior sweetie where they will take of me for as long as I want to stick around. If you'd like to be my sponsor please go to our website under WAYS YOU CAN HELP and sign up to become my monthly sponsor for $5, $10, $25 or $50 a month t pay for my periodic X-rays and medications
Chloe Pawdashian: Terrier Dog estimated age is 12 years 6 months

*FOSTER FAMILY WANTED*** Chloe Pawdashian, not to be confused with the Kardashians, is a beautiful blonde bombshell! She is about 12 years old, 20 lbs and is blind. We believe she's been blind for quite some time as she is completely unphased by it. She still likes to go for walks, she maps new places rather quickly and she acclimates well in new places. Chloe looks like a miniature pit bull, we also call her miss piggy cause she's so cute. Learn more about this girl and her special needs (that really aren't that special) by contacting us today!
Coco: Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Dog estimated age is 11 years 6 months

Wow, wow, wow, this girl is awesome! Coco recently joined us after her human daddy passed away. Fortunately he did a great job of raising her because she's a sweet gal who is social and friendly with everyone she meets, big and small! She is on the tiny side, recently had a dental cleaning and enjoys interacting with kids "toddlers and up", dogs, cats and people alike. Coco has some arthritis in her back legs but does well with anti-inflammatories, she can even go up a flight of stairs! Coco is up to date on vaccines and microchipped. She enjoys walks and exploring the yard, who wouldn't when you get to live in sunny southern California! Coco is the perfect family dog and loves to be right in the middle of all the fun activities.
Cozy Bear: Poodle/Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 13 years 1 month

Cozy Bear may be up there in age but he sure is up there is heart too! He is a lovely older gentleman who epitomizes the phrase CARPE DIEM! He wakes up and enjoys his food, he enjoys exploring and walking around and enjoys his TLC! He's even started to play with friends. Cozy Bear has had a dental and isn't letting his toothless mouth get in the way of enjoying his food!
Dakota: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 12 years 2 months

A tiny Chihuahua mix who is about 12-14 years old. She loves long naps, cuddles and food! Dakota is later in life and is looking for someone who will spoil her in her golden years. Could that be you? Dakota is awaiting a dental and will be ready to join you very soon.
Gracie: Cockapoo Dog estimated age is 12 years 9 months

Gracie joined us through our ALWAYS HOME program when her mom entered assisted care. At the same time Gracie was adjusting to all the changes and was diagnosed with SARDS. After visiting our vet she was also recently diagnosed with Addison's disease. We have started her on monthly injections and is responding nicely. As a result she is also being treated for IBD which is common side effect. A regular diet is important to keep things moving nicely. Gracie is such a sweet, lovable girl! Gracie's medical costs are huge, monthly injections, medications and diet are approx. $50 a month. Please consider being her MONTHLY SPONSOR for as little as $5 per month. Sign up today to be her angel at
Janie: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 15 years 2 months

Janie is a total crack up, she has a wonky walk like a drunken sailor but still has enough determination to keep herself going straight. She loves to tell big dogs who is in charge but is fine co-existing, she's a typical Chihuahua. She adores to burrow and cuddle, she will spend most of her day snoozing in her little bed and personal casita(aka mesh kennel). Janie loves to play and will run around, dance and then flop over for belly rubs and upside down arm wrestling. She loves kids and just makes you want to smile. She is quite possibly one of the most irresistible senior sweeties! Janie recently had a dental to remove the remaining teeth she had and also had some mammary masses removed. Great news, they came back benign! Janie is also the fastest at getting her business done, as soon as you take her outside she goes! Come meet her today, Janie is about 6 lbs of LOVE!
Jetta: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 16 years 5 months

Lenny: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 11 years 2 months

Lenny, not to be confused with rock star Lenny Kravitz, is a 10-11 year YOUNG vivacious Chihuahua from the San Diego Bonita Shelter. The shelter was worried Lenny wouldn't get adopted because of his unkempt teeth and a fatty tumor on his chest so we exited him to start his new life at Lionel’s Legacy and provide him with the care he needed for a second chance. Don't worry, unlike the rockstar human he shares a name with he won't go trashing hotel rooms or stay up too late singing. Lenny is a very sweet and social pup. He gets along great with dogs big and small and has made himself right at home on the sofa as if he has lived here for years! He loves cuddles, fetching his toys and going for long walks and is great at sharing. He's potty trained too!
Lucy: Chihuahua/Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 10 years 6 months

***SENIORS 4 SENIORS*** Little Lucy Locket, lost her pocket and Lionel's Legacy helped her find it! Lucy is a sensational middle aged gal who had to start over in life and we are helping her make the most of it! She is happy, easy going, lovable and will let you know with her endearing cat calls that she loves you so much! Lucy is house trained and is good with or without other doggies as long as she gets to go for walkies!
Mandy: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 12 years 1 month

***COMING SOON*** We are letting little Mandy settle into her foster family to get to know her better. We will keep you posted!
Marie: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 15 years 0 months

Mildred: Pit Bull Terrier Dog estimated age is 14 years 3 months

Give me a M, Give me an I, Give me a L, D-R-E-D! What's that spell??? MILDRED!!! Oh my goodness is this girl a boat load of fun and at the age of 13 doesn't act a day over 9! She is so obedient, such a lover, and is a giant dose of therapy each and every day. Mildred is good with most dogs but does take a little while to warm up. She loves to play and loves to go for walks and explore her foster's yard with her fur friends. Mildred is SPONSORED by David Manser
Oso: Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie Dog estimated age is 12 years 7 months

Simply stated, Oso is a wonderful dog! He checks all the boxes: Housebroken, well mannered, quiet, great with kids, cats, dogs of all sizes and is very low maintenance. He is 20 lbs of pure joy! He came into his loving foster home scared and anxious, but has blossomed into a happy, easy going boy! Oso has CCD (Canine cognitive dysfunction), but since beginning supplements he has a new lease on life! He was in a zombie state as he walked around the house lost and confused with tail tucked between his legs. Now Oso is living! He comes to us for scratchies, he leans against us for hugs, and his tail got its wag back! He loves to be picked up and will give you the best smooches! He sleeps through the night, and he is full of energy in the morning (for about 10 minutes!) He runs around the yard chasing the cats, play bowing and will even chase a ball. Like most senior pups, Oso excels at long naps. He wanders the house a bit aimlessly at times, but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He loves his evening walks and he is stellar on leash and prefers a slow pace and plenty of time for sniffing around!
Percival(Percy): Lhasa Apso Dog estimated age is 10 years 0 months

Peter: Dachshund/Terrier Dog estimated age is 13 years 7 months

Prince: Cocker Spaniel Dog estimated age is 7 years 11 months

Rambo (Reggie): Manchester Terrier Dog estimated age is 11 years 5 months

***SENIORS 4 SENIORS*** Rambo was rescued in the field by San Diego Humane Society. He needed a rescue and a special foster and he found both! Susan has been an S4S foster for LL before where she provides love and companionship to her foster pups and Lionel's Legacy provides care for life. Companionship grows life! In most cases, both humans and dogs need companionship. What better way to provide both with the core thing they need? Rambo needs a monthly sponsor(s), consider being his sponsor angels today by signing up at
Rascal: Shih Tzu Dog estimated age is 12 years 4 months

Bonded buddies, 2 -FUR-1 Fund! Rascal is part of a bonded duo. Her owner could no longer care for Babe and her brother Rascal. They are both very sweet and we are getting to know them better! Rascal has a heart condition and requires medication.
Rhonda: Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie Dog estimated age is 12 years 2 months

***FOSTER NEEDED*** Rhonda is a very sweet and docile fox-like senior sweetie! She is quiet, easy going and just needs a quiet place to call home. She is great with other dogs and needs someone patient and loving to sit with her and let her know she's safe and loved! Rhonda is on 23 lbs. so don't be fooled by her pictures, she's very petite.
Russell: Shepherd Dog estimated age is 8 years 1 month

Russell joined Lionel's Legacy after being transferred from another local rescue. Russell is in renal failure and requires hospice care. Russell is trucking along, enjoying long naps, lots of meals throughout the day and periodic fluids. Russell may not have long with us but for now he is happy and comfortable.
Suzie Lynn: Dachshund/Beagle Dog estimated age is 14 years 2 months

Suzy Lynn is approximately 14 years old and has doggy dementia. She is currently in a foster cluster, this is multiple families who team up and take turns fostering. Suzy Lynn is incontinent, circles and requires a little extra TLC at the end of her life to keep her comfortable! She is grateful for her team of angels!
Tandy: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 12 years 0 months

Sweet little Tandy sadly found herself alone at the shelter at the end of her life. We always wonder how these little gals and guys end up there when they need their family the most. Maybe it was her drinking and peeing, maybe it was her pacing or maybe her owner was aging as well and couldn't keep up with her care. it doesn't matter anymore, Tandy will stay with her forever foster family for life and she will receive the best love and care possible for the rest of her days! Tandy needs a MONTHLY SPONSOR ANGEL for as little as $5 a month! Register online at
Twiggy: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Dog estimated age is 13 years 1 month

Little Twiggy is 13 years old and 4 lbs. She is missing her lower jaw and has 2 large ulcerated mammary masses. Twiggy also has some kidney disease that we are treating with supplements. Our goal is to remove her mammary masses as they xrays show no metastatic spread. Twiggy is so happy to be loved and adored and she will spend the rest of her days and months in comfort.
Voodoo: Miniature Pinscher Dog estimated age is 12 years 7 months

Voodoo joined us all the way from Louisiana after her owner passed away. It was a long trip but she's happy to be living the So Cal life and is ready to find a home where she will have lots of friends to play with and lots of walks. Voodoo may be 11 but she has spirit and gumption, likely from her Louisiana roots. She is a foodie, she loves to perch to be up high, and she loves to affectionately play with you. This gal was definitely loved and now she's ready to share all she has with YOU!
William: Labrador Retriever Dog estimated age is 11 years 5 months

William is a delightfully social, well mannered 11 yr old Lab mixed with possibly greyhound or whippet. He's very tall and has the most darling flying nun ears that bounce when he's excited to come great you. He is hanging out with 4 little and 2 large dogs and enjoying their company. He will likely be good with cats and children as well. He's your typical Velcro dog wanting to be involved in everything that is going on. William enjoys his walks, is good on leash and house trained. He arrived in our care some 20 lbs underweight so he's got some fattening up to do and will be receiving hydrotherapy to strengthen his wobbly hind end so he can be ready for his forever home.
Wolfie: Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie Dog estimated age is 15 years 7 months

Keller (formally known as Wolfgang) has settled into his foster home comfortably. He's quite the gentleman and announces when he needs to go outside, and handles a belly band perfectly if no one is home. He isn't a fan of bath time, but he tolerates it as any distinguished gentleman would. He lets his foster mom wash all of his crevices, and in between every toe. He gets a medicated bath every four days because he's still washing off the grime from the mean streets of OC. He co-habitates very well with his foster sister, Pretty. He loves to wear his blue sweater, and gets quite upset if it's off to get washed. His foster mom keeps the temperature at 73 to make sure that he's never cold again. His favorite activities are: eating, napping on soft/squishy things, and cuddling with his foster dad.
Woody: Pit Bull Terrier Dog estimated age is 10 years 1 month

Woody is a gentle giant! At 10 years if age and living on the streets he learned to acclimate to lots of changes, different people and different animals big and small. Woody seems potty trained and will fuss to let you know he has to go potty. Woody is a great pittie ambassador, he loves to play but in senior dog fashion of course, and he has the most adorable prance. Learn more about him when you fill out an application!