Alex: Hound Dog estimated age is 11 years 7 months

Alex is the bad boy of Lionel's Legacy and we say that with lots of love. Actually he is extremely obedient but he gets himself into a bit of trouble now and then with his impulsivity. Alex has a large inoperable mass on his chest which is pushing on his lungs and heart. Of course Alex being a dog doesn't really care much for letting his medical issues get in the way so he runs around like a happy go lucky boy.
Bebe: Border Collie Dog estimated age is 9 years 9 months

Meet Bebe. She is one sweet and loving senior-in-training at 8 yrs young. Bebe has some physical issues that at first glance make her seem less than perfect- she has fatty lumps and bumps, bad hips, and a slightly deformed nose. But once you meet Bebe, you will realize she IS PERFECT from the inside out! She is super gentle and sweet, extremely loving and just enjoys every moment of life. Bebe lives with multiple other animals (dogs and cats) and with a very young child, she is fantastic and gentle with all of them. Bebe is a petite girl at about 40 lbs Due to her joint problems she will do best in a home with only one story (or where she can live on one story), and arthritis medications and supplements will be key for her. She will still go on leisurely walks- keeping her active and managing her weight will also help her stay comfortable. If you'd be willing to take her swimming at the beach or pool, that'd be even better! She'll take a quick dip and then watch you surf. Bebe is SPONSORED by Tanya Jones
Bender: Pit Bull Terrier Dog estimated age is 10 years 4 months

Bender has been with us since last July after his family left him at Orange County shelter only days before the fireworks went boom. Bender's life has been filled with medical booms while with us but thank goodness he has the best of care and we can continue to keep him going with everything he needs. Bender has Congestive heart failure, a mass on his spleen and liver. Bender is considered PAWSPICE but he keeps proving that the "P" word is merely a suggestion!
Bloo: Husky Dog estimated age is 10 years 8 months

***BONDED PAIR 2-Fur-1 Fund $150 annual medical stipend provided to adopter*** Bloo and Lady are on the mend. Lady is recovering from a much needed dental. Bloo is recovering from Pyometra and spay. The girlies are acclimating in their foster home and are looking for a forever family together! Lady likes to sit on the couch and peer out the window while Bloo likes to stay cool on the ground nearby. They are both quite the little characters and every once in a while like to do their zoomies.
Buddha: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 12 years 6 months

I am Chihuahua hear me ROAR!!!!! Buddha is a small guy with a big personality. He likes what he likes, he's social and outgoing, he's quick to make friends and he knows every second counts. Buddha went years without a dental and developed some heart issues. He's currently taking medications to manage his heart condition and has had a full dental. He's feeling good and ready to take on the world one paw at a time!
Calvin: Poodle Dog estimated age is 11 years 11 months

Cindy-Lou: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 13 years 1 month

Cindy-Lou (aka Gentle Yentle) is a collaborative rescue between Lionel's Legacy and Synergy rescue and rehab. CL is such a special case we wanted to make sure she had lots of people surrounding her with love and considering all the possible medical options for her care. As of now we know CL has a neurological disorder, we do not know the cause but will be doing an MRI to see if there's anything that can be done to reduce her spinning and increase her quality of life. SO far, a cocktail of medications and a whole lot of love and care have increased her quality of life enough we feel she isn't suffering. Se is also showing us signs that she is grateful to be alive and enjoys eating, watching, following and being held.
Coco: Hound/Pit Bull Terrier Dog estimated age is 11 years 11 months

***FOREVER FOSTER WANTED*** Coco is quite possibly the sweetest old gal ever, recently she's had some health changes and is slowing down a bit. She has some arthritis and some cognitive changes so would enjoy a less busy household. She also had a cancerous mass removed and reoccurrence or metastatic spread is always a possibility. Coco gets along with kids, dogs, cats, stuffed animals, you name it she's good with it! Coco is potty trained, she's really easy going, and she even enjoys the crate if that's something you use at home!
Daisy: Basset Hound Dog estimated age is 11 years 11 months

Poor Daisy(now Helen) was a joint rescue between Lionel's Legacy and Four Paws Coonhound rescue and friends. Daisy was found wandering the streets and was almost hit by cars, what a scary thing for a blind and deaf dog to experience. Daisy had to have a double enucleation due to years of cherry eye and extreme scarring. Daisy is a forever foster with Sunshine and her 2 boys at Hooves, Hope and Love farm rescue. She gets to live with pigs, goats, horses, chickens, and alpacas. The world is filled with so many great smells and sounds at Hooves, Hope and Love!
Daphne: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 14 years 7 months

Daphne is what we call "ancient" in dog years. Our local San Diego Bonita Shelter couldn't believe how a little dainty gal could survive alone on the streets but she did and made her way to Lionel's Legacy with her foster mom Kristin who co-founded San Diego Pittie Parents. Daphne may be all of about 3 lbs. but she can almost take flight thanks to her rapidly propelling tail. Daphne is SPONSORED by Cherie Teague
Dr boots: Corgi Dog estimated age is 17 years 2 months

Dr. Boots came to Lionel's Legacy after his human mommy passed away. Dr. Boots is approximately 16 years old and is in relatively good health. His mom used to walk him daily which meant regular visits with his local vet and staff who lived just a few doors down from his home. He went for regular check ups and was well taken care of. Dr. Boot's next of kin lives on the East Coast and the vet felt it would be too hard on him to make the trip so his family contacted us to help. Dr. Boots is in a loving forever foster home where he will live out his days in peace and happiness. Dr Boots is SPONSORED by Tina Hester
Eddie: Labrador Retriever Dog estimated age is 10 years 0 months

Sweet Eddie was found wandering near the San Diego/ Mexican border. He was near lifeless, emaciated and starving. With a lot of love and some medical care he has thrived in our care and is living life with his forever foster family which includes other dogs and cats. Eddie was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his rear leg, we're keeping a close eye on him but for now it doesn't seem to be bothering him. He still enjoys running around the yard, chewing on toys and going for daily walks. It may sound simple but Eddie has become a champion of living in the moment and maybe we can all learn a thing or two from him!
Ethel: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 14 years 10 months

Ethel was a part of a bonded duo but as life goes sometimes you have to say goodbye to the ones you love. Ethel said goodbye to Fred but has adjusted well considering and made new friends at her foster home. Ethel is about 13 years old and is the BOSS LADY which is rather hilarious to watch. Sometimes she'll try and assert herself and then within seconds she's distracted by something shiny and off she goes in the other direction. Ethel is a stout little Chihuahua but hey a lady needs her crew to know who's in charge. Really all you need to do is offer her arms or lap and she is good to go, it's really that easy!
Eve: Doberman Pinscher Dog estimated age is 13 years 9 months

Please welcome Eve to Lionel's Legacy. Eve was found nearly dead and unable to walk. No one knows if she was dumped or wandered off from her owner but sweet 13ish yr old Eve received a second shot at life and is living it up while waiting for her retirement home. Eve has some typical senior medical issues but true to canines who seize the moment that's exactly what she's doing. She goes for daily walks with other young and old canines and likes to play in the evening when everyone is feeling frisky. Eve has what's called chronic valvular heart disease and sinus arrhythmia or as the vet called it Dobie Heart Disease which is considered congenital. She seems to have no complications from this and lives like a normal aging senior.
Gigi June: Rat Terrier Dog estimated age is 10 years 2 months

***COMING SOON*** This petite mon' amie will be ready to be your friend really soon. She is so sweet and gentle and we are so excited about being able to give her a second chance. We promise she won't disappoint!
Ginger: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 11 years 2 months

Ginger came to us from West Valley Los Angeles shelter. She was in dire need of rescue with multiple medical issues. Many would say her issues were so numerous that it wouldn't be worth saving her life but we never feel it's fair to make that decision not knowing what their lives and medical care were like before coming to us and whether or not there is anything we can do to treat their needs and/or bring them relief from pain. Ginger is blind, has eye and ear infections, has a mass on her eye, has pancreatitis and is in some sort of pain either from the mass around her eye or arthritis. Ginger will get to live out her life with our forever foster mom Sandy with her new canine friends.
Joey: Mastiff/Shepherd Dog estimated age is 7 years 1 month

***FOSTER NEEDED*** Joey is looking for a new family! Joey has sadly been in and out homes like an orphan and we want to change all of that because he deserves better. Joey is about 140 pounds of pure love. He adores kids, cats and other dogs. If you saw him in action you would immediately think, "Wow, now that dog is a nanny dog!" He knows how to take care of his little 2 legged friends. Joey is a big boy and at 7 years of age he still loves to go for walks. Joey is also crate trained which helps keep him calm and relaxed when you're away. We are going to be very picky finding the right home for this guy, he really deserves a commitment for life! What do you think? We know you want to come and meet him!
Lily: American Bulldog Dog estimated age is 8 years 4 months

What can we say, Lily is like a beautiful flower who finally got her opportunity to blossom! Lily recently had a Mast cell tumor removed from her toe and the entire toe had to be removed to get good margins. She's on the mend and beginning to get back to dog life! She is a younger senior at about 7-8 years old and loves kids and people and is learning to play with her canine friends. Infact her new buddy Dozer is teaching her a thing or 2 about play bows, chase, you name it! He's an older gent so the good mentor in him advises and watches while she tries things out. Lily is adoptable even though she had an isolated Mast cell tumor on her toe. Lily had remarkable lab work and showed no signs of any spread so we're hopeful her tumor was isolated and we are treating her preventatively with Benadryl and omeprazole.
Margo: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 8 years 0 months

Margo is a sweet middle aged gal who wants nothing more in life that to smell the roses. Although she has a large abdominal mass she doesn't let that keep her from sniffing around and enjoying the smells of the world. Margo is a member of Lionel's Legacy for life and we intend to keep her comfy cozy until she lets us know she's ready to sniff another world! Margo still needs a monthly sponsor. Please consider sponsoring Margo for as little as $5 per month by going to our website at under SPONSOR A SENIOR. Once you've signed up please send us an email at to let us know you have joined the LL team as a senior sweetie sponsor for Margo.
Rocky: Dachshund Dog estimated age is 16 years 11 months

Rocky One, aka "The Rockstar"is a 15 year old dachshund mix. He enjoys short walks on a leash, lounging in the sunshine, and eating. Despite his small stature, Rocky used to be the "Ruler of the Roost" in his younger days (hence the "One" in his name)! Though now-a-days he is content to just keep an eye on everyone in between naps. He enjoys the company of other dogs, though he likes his own bed, and is indifferent to cats. He is good with all people, big and small, young and old. Rocky has started to slow down and sleep a lot more but he knows he's home and that's all that counts!
Rupert: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 14 years 3 months

Rupert the Trooper came from Orange County shelter where he was rushed to our vets after his eye ruptured and popped out. He had to have emergency surgery and has recovered great. Rupert does have congestive heart failure which is managed by some great medications. His foster family is very experienced with these things having fostered numerous senior dogs before. Rupert is loving life being a spoiled member of the family. He has recently started enjoying sitting in his foster mom's lap in the evenings, before he would just prefer to sit by himself in his favorite bed. Now that he's feeling good he enjoys walking around the house and the back yard. His foster dad lovingly calls him Rupert the Rhumba, as he walks around and navigates by gently bumping into things.
Sadie: Yellow Labrador Retriever Dog estimated age is 14 years 8 months

Sweet Sadie is the most wonderful old gal we've met. She hadn't been given much love in her life by her humans before coming to us, so her foster mom is making up for lost time! Sadie is a typical goofy lab who is obsessed with food and tennis balls- watch your sandwich kids! Due to lack of care in her life Sadie has a number of medical issues, including severe arthritis, hypothyroidism and recurrent (benign) fibrous tumors. Although Sadie has lost a lot for physical control in recent months she is still mentally with it. Given her age and condition- and seeing how blissfully happy she is with her foster family we decided Sadie should be a Forever Foster. Lionel's Legacy will continue to provide her the best medical care to keep her comfortable, and her foster mom will provide the tennis balls! Sadie is SPONSORED by Marion Brown
Sally: Anatolian Shepherd/German Shepherd Dog Dog estimated age is 12 years 1 month

Sally is a shepherd/lab mix and approximately 11 years old. She was sadly found in the middle of the desert and a good sam kindly picked her up and contacted us for help. Sally was definitely someone's pet as she knows many tricks and commands. Sally worked hard for over two years to sabotage any and all potential adoptions so that she could stay with her foster mom- and we finally decided to give in and make it official: she is a Forever Foster! Oh Silly Sally- you sure did luck out with your foster momma! Sally's mom had to move back east so Sally got to come along for the ride and now gets to live in all 4 seasons. She is definitely slowing down these days and has had continued issues with skin, ear, thyroid and arthritis issues. Recently she had MRSA and had to be on multiple rounds of very strong antibiotics to get rid of it. Sally is a lucky gal and although she has been a challenge for us all we're happy to have made a difference in her life.
Scooby: Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie Dog estimated age is 14 years 11 months

Sophie: Cattle Dog Dog estimated age is 10 years 9 months

Sophie is a 10 year old Border Collie who loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. She will go and go until she drops! Sophie likes meeting people and is very social, she's always looking for a hand to nudge for a good petting! Sophie is good with other dogs outside of the home but inside the home her herding instincts kick into high gear and all she really wants to do at home is take a siesta. Sophie is easy to walk on the leash and even though she's a full figured gal she's used to taking long walks with her foster mom. Sophie is so good she'll even stay by your side off leash. Sophie rides nicely in the car and sits quietly for baths and grooming. Sophie may be a senior but she's looking for someone to play fetch with and go for walks around the town with. I have had my bloodwork done and in in good health and ready to find my new home!
Starlett: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 9 years 4 months

Starlett may not be the most adoptable of our senior sweeties due to being treated for congestive heart failure and seizures but this girl enjoys the good life with her foster canine and feline siblings. You know these dogs are pretty resilient because they tend to not worry about these "small details" and just enjoy each and every day. Sounds like a can-do attitude if you ask me! Contact us today to learn more about Starlett.
Tadpole: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 11 years 6 months

Tadpole like Nemo and Dori believes no matter what your age, disability or ailment you should JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!! Tadpole is about 10-12 years old and is a spunky fun loving guy. So much so that he doesn't let anything get in his way! Tadpole came to us from OC shelter with some spinal issues that made it challenging for him to walk. He sort of waddles like a tadpole! But watch out, once he gets going he's devilishly fast and now that he is on Rimadyl he's feeling so much better! Tadpole gets along great with female dogs and loves to be loved and cuddled, he's very social and outgoing and will sometimes get so excited to see you or be held that he might widdle the excitement out of himself! Belly bands are his best friend! Tadpole has a lot of love to give, he has already had a dental and very few teeth are left. I don't know how you couldn't just fall in love with this imperfectly adorable little guy!
Tater: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 9 years 11 months

Tootsie: Dachshund Dog estimated age is 12 years 0 months

***COMING SOON*** We are learning more about Tootsie and addressing her medical issues
Twinkie: Cocker Spaniel Dog estimated age is 15 years 11 months

Twinkie is an AMAZING old boy at the ripe old age of 15! He was left at a Los Angeles shelter because his owners couldn't afford surgery to remove his mass. We couldn't let this boy be put down because of that so we scooped him up. Twinkie is great with other dogs but he is a fear biter so we decided the best case scenario for Twinkie was to stay with foster mom Lynn and she was A-ok with that. Sometimes we make the decision to keep them "in house" because we know that's what's best for them mentally. He's currently being fostered in a home with Harry who is a former LL senior sweetie. Twinkie has been struggling lately with skin and ear issues. Seems to be a common thing as they age and become more intolerant to processed dog food and environmental allergens. He has become well known at the vet recently because of it but thanks to all of our sponsors and donors it's covered and he can be given the care he needs.
Velma: Poodle Dog estimated age is 8 years 4 months

***MONTHLY SPONSOR NEEDED*** Velma came to Lionel's Legacy from Orange County shelter with a very large mammary mass that was on the verge of ulcerating. We didn't know if she could make it through surgery but she has and is doing great. We know her long term prognosis isn't good, her cancer is extremely aggressive and will likely metastasize but for now she is loving life and we are making each day count!