Ally: Australian Kelpie/Australian Shepherd Dog estimated age is 11 years 5 months

Ally and her sister, Lilly, were rescued from a local high-kill shelter when they were just 2 years old. They are now about 10 and a half and have come to us as their momma is moving into an assisted living facility. They are a bonded due who rely on each other. The girls love to play and jump around together, they are the best of playmates! They live indoors, but love to lounge and run outside. They have lived with a plethora of other dogs and do well with everyone. Ally loves toys, especially chew toys! She is a tug-o-war champ! Ally is the larger of the two gals at about 70 lbs.
amorette: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 9 years 11 months

Annie: Labrador Retriever Dog estimated age is 8 years 0 months

Big Boy: Yellow Labrador Retriever/Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog estimated age is 10 years 8 months

Ball! Ball! Where's my ball? Big Boy is a big goofy boy who absolutely loves to go for car rides He absolutely LOVES humans and is perfectly content sitting right by your side and hanging out. He's good with smaller dogs and especially likes the ladies. He's energetic but past the puppy stage and ready to be your lovebug! One look at Big Boy and he brightens your day!
Bighead: Australian Shepherd/Basset Hound Dog estimated age is 16 years 0 months

Bighead came to Lionel's Legacy at the age of 15 after his human momma needed to be placed in assisted care. Ironically for a big dog he has remained relatively healthy but is starting to have some difficulties with arthritis. His foster family has graciously brought Bighead to visit his momma who lives in a nearby specialized care facility.
Billie: Boxer Dog estimated age is 12 years 3 months

***COMING SOON*** Billie is working on regaining some strength and weight in her hind legs. She gets along with cats, dogs, and all people. Due to mobility issues she will do best in a home with little to no stairs.
Blade: Collie Dog estimated age is 14 years 4 months

Blade came to us after a good samaritan found him stumbling down the street. Blade is 14 years old and is in liver failure but he is resting comfortable in his foster home and still gets up to run around and play with his foster canine siblings. He is currently on a home cooked diet and Denamarin for his liver. For now he's doing well and enjoying life.
Blanca: German Shepherd Dog Dog estimated age is 10 years 10 months

Blanca has lived a rough life but that has all changed since coming to Lionel's Legacy. Blanca has severe Spondylosis so when she walks there is a whole lot of swaying going on but she doesn't let that get in her way. She loves relaxing, walking around the yard, hanging with her canine buddies, and adores her humans.
Cheeto: Pit Bull Terrier Dog estimated age is 13 years 3 months

Cheeto came to us from Orange County shelter. He is approximately 13 years old and likely lived outside most of his life. He lives with his foster family and their dog and enjoys being loved and adored. Cheeto has had some issues with holding his bladder, has a sensitive tummy and it has been difficult to getting him to eat and maintain weight. Nonetheless, he is happy and loved and enjoys his soft fluffy dog bed when he isn't trying to sneak up on the couch.
Cole: Labrador Retriever Dog estimated age is 10 years 11 months

Faye: Schnauzer Dog estimated age is 13 years 11 months

Faye is the name fit for a classy ageless beauty. This girl has seen and travelled the world, well maybe just Riverside and San Diego but that's a big deal if you're a dog. We aren't gonna lie, Faye is living in her retirement home where she feels like the star of a broadway production with wardrobe changes, bows, the latest grooming hairdos, and the finest of foods in her dressing room. No tap water for this beauty, she likes the bottled type, fresh from a mountain springs. She lives with our superhero foster family Joann and Denny and they are fosters to not one but multiple Lionel's Legacy seniors. Rock on Faye!
Fred: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 13 years 6 months

Fred and Ethel, Ethel and Fred. They are like a little old married couple that will provide hours of entertainment. Nag, Nag, Nag you might hear Fred say to Ethel but she is really good at ignoring her stout little hubby. Together they are an ideal couple! At 13 years young both have recently had dentals, have a pound or some ounces to take off, and are ready to fill your home with nightly comedy routines. Hey, they'll even take dog treats instead of dollars for tips! Contact us today to learn more about this dynamic duo!
Jaja Henrietta Templeton: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 9 years 11 months

Ladybird: Hound Dog estimated age is 11 years 4 months

Paddington: Terrier Dog estimated age is 9 years 0 months

Paddington was the obvious name for this miniature bear-like canine, now all he needs is a coat and hat! Paddington is a loving and cuddly little chap with a terrier like zest for life! He loves kids, other dogs and gets along with his feline friends too! Paddington is done traveling the world and would like to settle down, maybe even with YOU!!! He's approx. 11 years old and small enough to carry around in your back pocket, only kidding of course!
Paddy: Cairn Terrier Dog estimated age is 17 years 0 months

Paddy is a cute and spunky terrier mix. At the age of 15 he's entered assisted living with his wonderful foster family. He came to us from Orange County shelter and was nearly hairless. He's now got a full hairdo and a sparkling white smile after having dental work done. We love our little paddy and he's definitely found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Peaches: Poodle Dog estimated age is 17 years 1 month

A letter from her foster mom: We'll never know why little Peaches, at the tender age of 19, ended up at the bleak shelter all shaggy and forlorn with a look of hopelessness in her eyes. But she did, and then, as miracles happen, along came Lionel's Legacy who saved her and turned her into one of the luckiest little senior girls on the planet. She now lives with her forever foster mom and a pack of new friends who have accepted her and share her enthusiasm for life. At first she was timid and hesitant, not knowing what the routine was at this new place, but she caught on very quickly and has adjusted so well. Peaches loves everyone and is always happy, as evident when you see that her tail wag at the rate of at least 60 wiggles per second! She will often erupt with a burst of energy which projects her into a bounce or leap across the room or lawn, making like a deer or rabbit moving at full speed. What a great sight this is to see and it brings such joy to see her living her life full of playful moments and happiness. A senior she may be, but her heart and attitude are that of a much younger dog. At 19, ( the NEW 8!) Peaches shows the world that even when the chips are down, there can come that spunk and zest for life (plus wonderful people to give you support ) which gives you renewal and lots of hope for better times ahead. You are amazing little Peaches! Keep up the good work and keep on going.
Piper: Jack Russell Terrier Dog estimated age is 9 years 2 months

Piper came to us from Orange County shelter as one of the youngest seniors we've ever taken. Piper is only about 5 or 6 but developed mammary cancer from not being spayed in a timely manner. Her cancer grew rapidly and became ulcerated which likely led her owner to drop her off at the shelter because it became unmanageable. We removed her larger ulcerated mass but X-rays showed metastatic spread to her heart and lungs. Her prognosis is terminal but you would never know it with this fun loving girl. She still likes to run around and play with her canine foster siblings thanks to her foster mom Kerri for reaching out to us and committing to take care of her.
Radar: Pomeranian/Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 15 years 0 months

**ADOPTION PENDING** Too cute to even go on the website :)
Rocky3: Jack Russell Terrier Dog estimated age is 13 years 11 months

Shadow: Dachshund Dog estimated age is 14 years 0 months

Shadow(Abuelita): Chow Chow Dog estimated age is 15 years 3 months

Sweet little old Abuelita(aka Bear) is an awesome gal. Formerly known as Shadow, this petite chow came from the Oceanside Humane Society where they nursed her back to health. Today she is thriving in a foster home with other doggies and kitties and has a great time playing and lounging in the sun. We think Abuelita has no idea of her age, she seems to think she's still in her prime. She has some mild stiffness in her back legs and ongoing skin and ear issues but at the age of about 16 she's doing pretty darn good. This girl has character, personality, and spunk. Oh and she originally got her name Shadow because she will follow you around all day and never leave your side!
Tabitha: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 10 years 0 months

Talulah: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 11 years 3 months

Talulah came to Lionel's Legacy under some very unusual circumstances. First, she was abandoned at a vet because she was obese, incontinent, and overweight. The vet took her in and provided care which included multiple surgeries to fix her knees and remove extra skin around her bottom. Talulah has been through a lot and after rehabilitating at the vet for over a year they decided to reach out to rescues to take her in. Talulah has a lot of chronic medical and mental issues that have stayed with her. Fortunately she is fostered by Jaymie, pom mom extraordinaire. Sometimes she has good days and sometimes not so much but we know her days are that much better because of the love and care she gets!
Teddy(alec): Cocker Spaniel Dog estimated age is 11 years 11 months

Tia Marie: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 13 years 0 months

Tiffany: Terrier Dog estimated age is 13 years 11 months

Sweet Tiffy came from our local Bonita shelter and we soon learned there was something very wrong with her medically. She was having a hard time breathing, was coughing, and very lethargic. We soon learned she had congestive heart failure and quickly put her on medications to stabilize her. Our vet's description was that she sounded like a washing machine. It took us a few tries to find the right combination of medications but thanks to modern medication she is still alive 2 years later(which our vets can't event believe). Tiff is definitely slowing down and having some problems with cognitive dysfunction but she is the only Lionel's Legacy senior sweetie to have travelled across the United States twice! Her foster mom decided to take a road trip and is having so much fun showing the different sights, sounds, and smells to Tiffy that she has just kept on going. What a lucky gal!
Triscuit: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 14 years 1 month

Turner: Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler Dog estimated age is 9 years 3 months

Turner is one of the sweetest, gentlest, cuddliest rottie/lab mixes ever! She's about 8 to 9 years old and was found tied to a lightpost in a McDonald's parking lot in Los Angeles. A good sam called Hope For Paws and they came to her rescue. Upon exam she had a very large mass on her shoulder that was successfully removed but the biopsy came back as Adenocarcinoma. As she recovered from surgery she developed pneumonia and it was discovered through xrays that she had a condition called Megaesophagus. Her combined conditions don't have a good long term prognosis so we felt it was best to place her with a forever foster. She lucked out and hit the jackpot, her foster mom works at the local pet emergency center so she's in the best of hands!