amorette: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 9 years 11 months

Bighead: Australian Shepherd/Basset Hound Dog estimated age is 16 years 0 months

Bighead came to Lionel's Legacy at the age of 15 after his human momma needed to be placed in assisted care. Ironically for a big dog he has remained relatively healthy but is starting to have some difficulties with arthritis. His foster family has graciously brought Bighead to visit his momma who lives in a nearby specialized care facility.
Billie: Boxer Dog estimated age is 12 years 3 months

***COMING SOON*** Billie is working on regaining some strength and weight in her hind legs. She gets along with cats, dogs, and all people. Due to mobility issues she will do best in a home with little to no stairs.
Blanca: German Shepherd Dog Dog estimated age is 10 years 10 months

Blanca has lived a rough life but that has all changed since coming to Lionel's Legacy. Blanca has severe Spondylosis so when she walks there is a whole lot of swaying going on but she doesn't let that get in her way. She loves relaxing, walking around the yard, hanging with her canine buddies, and adores her humans.
Bloo: Husky Dog estimated age is 10 years 8 months

***BONDED PAIR 2-Fur-1 Fund $150 annual medical stipend provided to adopter*** Bloo and Lady are on the mend. Lady is recovering from a much needed dental. Bloo is recovering from Pyometra and spay. The girlies are acclimating in their foster home and are looking for a forever family together! Lady likes to sit on the couch and peer out the window while Bloo likes to stay cool on the ground nearby. They are both quite the little characters and every once in a while like to do their zoomies.
Calvin: Poodle Dog estimated age is 11 years 11 months

Cole: Labrador Retriever Dog estimated age is 10 years 11 months

Faye: Schnauzer Dog estimated age is 13 years 11 months

Faye is the name fit for a classy ageless beauty. This girl has seen and travelled the world, well maybe just Riverside and San Diego but that's a big deal if you're a dog. We aren't gonna lie, Faye is living in her retirement home where she feels like the star of a broadway production with wardrobe changes, bows, the latest grooming hairdos, and the finest of foods in her dressing room. No tap water for this beauty, she likes the bottled type, fresh from a mountain springs. She lives with our superhero foster family Joann and Denny and they are fosters to not one but multiple Lionel's Legacy seniors. Rock on Faye!
Gideon: Chow Chow Dog estimated age is 12 years 8 months

Gideon is a poor neglected old Chow Chow who came from OC shelter. Gideon had to be hospitalized and we weren't sure if we could save him but with the help of Newport Beach Animal Hospital we were able to improve his quality of life so he could be placed into foster care. Gideon is a rough around the edges kind of dog, he is a survivor which means he's likely had to fend for himself. It's not likely he had many good experiences with humans but we're making sure to change that!
Gigi June: Rat Terrier Dog estimated age is 10 years 2 months

***COMING SOON*** This petite mon' amie will be ready to be your friend really soon. She is so sweet and gentle and we are so excited about being able to give her a second chance. We promise she won't disappoint!
Ginger: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 11 years 2 months

Ginger came to us from West Valley Los Angeles shelter. She was in dire need of rescue with multiple medical issues. Many would say her issues were so numerous that it wouldn't be worth saving her life but we never feel it's fair to make that decision not knowing what their lives and medical care were like before coming to us and whether or not there is anything we can do to treat their needs and/or bring them relief from pain. Ginger is blind, has eye and ear infections, has a mass on her eye, has pancreatitis and is in some sort of pain either from the mass around her eye or arthritis. Ginger will get to live out her life with our forever foster mom Sandy with her new canine friends.
Ginny: Rat Terrier Dog estimated age is 12 years 2 months

***FOSTER NEEDED*** Ginny is recovering from an eye enucleation and is looking for a foster family! She is so sweet and gentle, gets along with all other dogs and cats, and is good with people. She's so quiet that sometimes you forget she's there. She would love a quiet place to hang out and enjoy your company. She is fine with you coming or going so takes very little work on your part.
Jaja Henrietta Templeton: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 9 years 11 months

Kahlua: Labrador Retriever Dog estimated age is 13 years 0 months

Kaluha is an 11 year old hound cross, perhaps lab, perhaps pit bull mix. She is an old lady who loves to snore late into the morning and appreciates nothing more than a late afternoon nap. She definitely prefers a slow paced life, though perhaps not on the farm. She's very suspicious of her horsey companions. Cats are a new concept to her and she certainly enjoys giving them a good run, but a bark and short chase usually suffices. Low key canine companions are okay as long as they steer clear of her food bowl and respect her bubble of space. She really enjoys an affectionate pat, good roll in the sun, and all the treats that hide her pills. Most awesome is her patience with kids, and my kids adore her. Kahlua is a sweet old gal who is house and crate trained and is ready to be your faithful sidekick!
Muffin: American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever Dog estimated age is 11 years 3 months

Muffin (Max) came to us from a shelter in South Los Angeles. At the age of 8 he was relinquished by his owners due to financial hardships and having to move. Poor Muffin only knew family life prior to being taken to the shelter and was incredibly sad. Muffin has recurring hemangiosarcomas which need to be monitored and require periodic removal. He lives up in the mountains with both human and canine foster siblings.
Olaf: Schnauzer Dog estimated age is 13 years 0 months

Olaf is a sweet and quiet mini Schnauzer. He likes to cruise around, enjoys the company of other dogs, and really loves his naps. He's an easy going little fella who doesn't require much in life. He's great at the vet, travels well and seems to adjust to new people and places pretty easily for an old codger. This boy does enjoy his meals so make sure you have plenty of food to feed an army cause we swear he has one hiding in his belly!
Penelope: Beagle/Pug Dog estimated age is 10 years 2 months

***COMING SOON*** Little Miss Penelope is currently recovering from having her leg amputated due to a large ulcerated Mast cell tumor.
Popsicle(Grandpa): Shepherd Dog estimated age is 10 years 3 months

Radar: Pomeranian/Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 15 years 0 months

**ADOPTION PENDING** Too cute to even go on the website :)
Rocky3: Jack Russell Terrier Dog estimated age is 13 years 11 months

Rune Goldberg: Dachshund Dog estimated age is 8 years 0 months

Shadow: Dachshund Dog estimated age is 14 years 0 months

Sophie: Cattle Dog Dog estimated age is 10 years 9 months

Sophie is a 10 year old Border Collie who loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. She will go and go until she drops! Sophie likes meeting people and is very social, she's always looking for a hand to nudge for a good petting! Sophie is good with other dogs outside of the home but inside the home her herding instincts kick into high gear and all she really wants to do at home is take a siesta. Sophie is easy to walk on the leash and even though she's a full figured gal she's used to taking long walks with her foster mom. Sophie is so good she'll even stay by your side off leash. Sophie rides nicely in the car and sits quietly for baths and grooming. Sophie may be a senior but she's looking for someone to play fetch with and go for walks around the town with. I have had my bloodwork done and in in good health and ready to find my new home!
Starlett: Chihuahua Dog estimated age is 9 years 4 months

Starlett may not be the most adoptable of our senior sweeties due to being treated for congestive heart failure and seizures but this girl enjoys the good life with her foster canine and feline siblings. You know these dogs are pretty resilient because they tend to not worry about these "small details" and just enjoy each and every day. Sounds like a can-do attitude if you ask me! Contact us today to learn more about Starlett.
Tadpole: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 11 years 6 months

Tadpole like Nemo and Dori believes no matter what your age, disability or ailment you should JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!! Tadpole is about 10-12 years old and is a spunky fun loving guy. So much so that he doesn't let anything get in his way! Tadpole came to us from OC shelter with some spinal issues that made it challenging for him to walk. He sort of waddles like a tadpole! But watch out, once he gets going he's devilishly fast and now that he is on Rimadyl he's feeling so much better! Tadpole gets along great with female dogs and loves to be loved and cuddled, he's very social and outgoing and will sometimes get so excited to see you or be held that he might widdle the excitement out of himself! Belly bands are his best friend! Tadpole has a lot of love to give, he has already had a dental and very few teeth are left. I don't know how you couldn't just fall in love with this imperfectly adorable little guy!
Tootsie: Dachshund Dog estimated age is 12 years 0 months

***COMING SOON*** We are learning more about Tootsie and addressing her medical issues
Triscuit: Pomeranian Dog estimated age is 14 years 1 month

Turner: Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler Dog estimated age is 9 years 3 months

Turner is one of the sweetest, gentlest, cuddliest rottie/lab mixes ever! She's about 8 to 9 years old and was found tied to a lightpost in a McDonald's parking lot in Los Angeles. A good sam called Hope For Paws and they came to her rescue. Upon exam she had a very large mass on her shoulder that was successfully removed but the biopsy came back as Adenocarcinoma. As she recovered from surgery she developed pneumonia and it was discovered through xrays that she had a condition called Megaesophagus. Her combined conditions don't have a good long term prognosis so we felt it was best to place her with a forever foster. She lucked out and hit the jackpot, her foster mom works at the local pet emergency center so she's in the best of hands!