Paddy: Chihuahua/Terrier Dog aged 5 years 6 months

He takes time to get to know people but once he does, he is very affectionate. Same with visitors, he loves the few people who come to the house, but it took until the second or third visit to get to that stage though. Initially he barks at them.

He is housetrained, loves the sofa and needs somewhere warm to sleep, as he gets cold easily. He loves being covered with a blanket.

He walks fine on a harness, still pulls occasionally but he is so much better than he was. He loves going in the car and will sit there looking out of the window. He will bark as soon as you stop to get out.

He is fine with other dogs, but needs slow introductions and doesn't like being crowded or pushed around. He will growl and snap to get the other dogs away but doesn't do any damage. He gets jealous if you pay attention to another dog. Stop cuddling him then and send him away when he starts pulling faces. He gives very clear signs, both with people and with dogs.

He cannot live with cats. (or chickens, obviously)

He is a sweet boy, and will ignore dogs when out on walks. He will bark back at dogs who run at him though. His recall is okay, not brilliant, he tends to follow his nose and race through the undergrowth with his ears switched off.

He is afraid of spray bottles and the sweeping brush. Spray bottles make him run into another room, although he has gotten better and I can now use them in the same room as where he is. He will attack the sweeping brush if he gets a chance. I just send him back to his sofa.

Health wise he's in great form. He does get itchy at times and after every meal and walk he nibbles and bites at his willy. We don't know if it's an 'allergy' type irritation or habit. He goes quite hard at it.

He is good to wash. He is good to have his nails cut now.Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Lady: Lurcher Dog aged 2 years 7 months

Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Bruno: Rottweiler/Husky Dog aged 5 years 2 months

Being chained up all his life he does not know the comfort of a house. He appears to be very gentle and friendly. He is good walking on and off leash and has reasonably good re-call. Bruno is eager to learn and picks up new commands quickly. He does not appear to be used to chews or toys.Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Mikey: Collie Dog aged 4 years 2 months

Lovely dog, but has serious issue with chasing cars. needs a home where he will be away from traffic.Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Bubbles: Collie/Mixed Breed Dog aged 1 year 0 months

Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Max: Sheep Dog Dog aged 2 years 1 month

Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Brolly: Cat aged 15 weeks

Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Jimmy: Terrier Dog aged 1 year 11 months

Jimmy was surrendered as he was straying onto the road and had to be kept locked in a pen a lot of the time.Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Daisy: Siberian Husky/GSD Dog aged 2 years 0 months

Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Shane: Staffie Dog aged 5 years 0 months

Homecheck and adoption fee applies.
Hobbs: GSD/Belgian Shepherd Malinois Dog aged 26 weeks

Homecheck and adoption fee applies.