Blue Too: Male Boxer/Mix Breed Dog aged 3 years 5 months

Blue Too is a forever pup at heart! He just wants to have FUN! I think he would play fetch all day long if you let him! He also loves cuddles, head scratches and walks very well on his leash! Look at that beautiful pair of eyes--1 brown, 1 blue! An amazing dog that any family would be lucky to have! Please share to help find him his forever home!
Lilith: Female Foxhound/Mix Breed Dog aged 4 years 0 months

Hunter: Male Hound/Mix Breed Dog aged 2 years 10 months

Hunter is a shy dog with a sweet smile. Once he gets to know you, he loves to go for walks or sit by your side. He would love a chance to meet a person(s) to help him grow more confident and be your friend.
Miles: Male Pit Bull Terrier/Crossbreed Dog aged 5 years 11 months

Miles knows his commands. He enjoys practicing them. He is a big soft heart who loves his walks and his back scratched. He is sweet , very talkative and affectionate.
King: Male American Bulldog/All American Dog aged 2 years 8 months

King is a recent graduate of our Second Chance Pals program. He's full of good, strong energy, just a really big puppy at heart! He loves to run, play & catch frisbees. King is completely loyal and will be your best friend for life!
Junior: Male Retriever/All American Dog aged 7 years 4 months

Jolly Junior greets EVERYONE with that same happy, silly smile! You cant help but be in a good mood when you see his body wiggle with delight on his Walks! He just make the day brighter with his happy go lucky demeanor! He's the perfect size to snuggle on the sofa next to you but don't be fooled--that compact size is also ready for play time, tug of war, long run--you name it--Junior is up for it! Come meet him and see if you can't NOT smile when you are with him!
Prince: Male American Staffordshire Terrier Dog aged 1 year 5 months

Patches: Female Saint Bernard St. Bernard/Mix Breed Dog aged 9 years 6 months

Pretty Patches is an elegant lady looking for someone to love! She is a big girl, but very low activity and would love to lay around while you rub her belly and scratch her ears! She certainly loves all of us--and she will love you too! Have a "meet and greet" with Patches and see for yourself--one look into those big brown eyes and you will be smitten!
Joey: Male Poodle Dog aged 8 years 6 months

Blue: Male Black Mouth Cur/Mix Breed Dog aged 1 year 5 months

Mickey: Male Poodle/Mix Breed Dog aged 13 years 6 months

Chance: Male Pit Bull Terrier Dog aged 8 years 5 months

Take a "chance" on our Chance! From his white socks to the racing strip down his nose-this is just a big ball of love! He gets a bit excited in his run and at the beginning of his walks, but calms down as you go along. He loves toys & tennis balls, has never met a stranger, and his tail just never quits wagging! This solid guy is really a big softy and would be such a great addition to any home! Make sure to stop by and ask for a "meet and greet" --you'll be glad you did!
Loyd: Male Chihuahua/Mix Breed Dog aged 14 years 5 months

Rocky: Male Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 4 years 5 months

Limited Vision. He can see movement. Suggest no other dogs. With his limited vision (seeing shadows) he is quick to react to anything near him. All dogs have what we call a "honeymoon" period for adjusting. His "honeymoon" period will be take longer and he will be more alert and sensitive adjusting to his surroundings, he will be on guard for anything next to him while he adjusts. Should he be excited or anxious, he will be quick to react.
Bella Boo: Female Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 2 years 5 months

I’ve got a big heart & in a lot of ways I’m still a puppy. I’m very athletic and would love to go on hikes & walks & even jog with you if you’d like! I get so excited when people come to see me - I guess I don’t always put my best paw forward, but if you ask to see me one on one & give me a moment to get my excitement out you’ll see I know sit and I’m learning “paw” really fast!! I’m told I’m super smart and learn very fast and could make a great agility dog! After a walk & some learning time, I love to flop on your feet & get a belly rub. I love treats!! I’m a big girl & since I’m still a bit of a puppy myself, I may do better with older kids who like to play!
Carly: Female Catahoula Leopard Dog Dog aged 1 year 4 months

Shelly: Female Labrador Retriever/All American Dog aged 2 years 4 months

Silly Shelly has a lot to say and is not afraid to say it! She loves to bark and "sing" when she gets excited and you can't help but smile when she does. She is wiggly and jumpy in her run, but don't walk on by--she is a sweetie and good walker once you get her out! She loves her walks, belly rubs and treats and thanks you with sweet kisses! Could she be the girl for you? Check her out and ask for a meeting!
Candy: Female German Shepherd Dog/Husky Dog aged 7 years 4 months

Lucy: Female Chihuahua/Corgi Dog aged 6 years 3 months

Heartworm Positive
Shakira: Female American Bulldog/Mix Breed Dog aged 3 years 2 months

The name Shakira means "thankful" and that is what this girl will be when you make her a part of your family! She is an easy going girl that packs a lot of love and fun in her spotted brown body. Imagine having those beautiful brown eyes looking back at you everyday! She is ready for her own special person and family to devote her life to. Come meet her soon!
Maya: Female Labrador Retriever/Mix Breed Dog aged 8 years 2 months

Reba: Female Pit Bull Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 2 years 2 months

Rockin’ Reba is a party waiting to happen! This girl loves to run, chase, bob and weave! That little body is solid muscle and those ears—how cute are they? Reba is looking for an active family that has the same zest for life as she does and can keep her entertained and moving! She is smart too and is working hard on her manners and commands, it's just SO hard to sit still!
Squeekie: Female Rat Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 10 years 2 months

Lolly: Female Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 4 years 9 months

Our Loveable Lolly is as cute as she is fun! It starts with her one eyebrow that makes you laugh from the start! Then you take her out for a walk and she just prances with joy and draws you into the fun! This cutie pie has fast become a staff and volunteer favorite--what's not to love! Ask for a meet and greet with Miss Lolly and you'll see why!
Jake: Male Labrador Retriever/Mix Breed Dog aged 9 years 2 months

Oscar: Male Chihuahua Dog aged 13 years 1 month

Chloe: Female Terrier/Crossbreed Dog aged 4 years 5 months

Chloe is always in a good, happy mood! She is so easy to hook up on the leash and walk. She is a good listener with good doggie manners. Such a joyful doggie! Chloe is a 4 year old loaded with class! She is the perfect lady from her permanent eye makeup to her sweet cross legged poses! She greets you politely, walks with grace and says "thank you" after every treat! She is also a smart girl and knows her basic commands--doesn't every perfect lady? She is such fun to be with and is well loved by all. We think you will feel the same once you meet her.
Everett: Male Catahoula Leopard Dog/Mix Breed Dog aged 2 years 1 month

Aspen: Female Mix Breed Dog aged 2 years 1 month

Heartworm Positive
Tommy: Male Australian Shepherd Dog aged 7 years 1 month

Tommy is our 7 year old boy that is still a silly pup at heart! He loves to run and play with his kennel mate and is just as friendly with people! He came to us with a skin issue, but he has responded well to the treatment and has almost all of his pretty hair back now! He doesn't let this get him down though and he just prances, plays and makes the most of every day. We should all be so joyful! Could this ray do sunshine be what is missing from your home? Ask for a "meet and greet" with Tommy and let his happiness rub off on you!
Rainbow: Female Catahoula Leopard Dog/Mix Breed Dog aged 3 years 1 month

Frank: Male Chihuahua Dog aged 10 years 1 month

Mr Frank is our senior gentleman that always has a lot to say. He would love to spend his golden years talking to you, alerting you to visitors, or just sitting next to you while you pet him. He is the cutest thing too with his big black eyes and that silly, silly crooked tail--what happened there Frank? A man of mystery and many words, this guy would be a perfect addition to any home and would reward you with loads of love and affection.
Harley: Male Rottweiler Dog aged 7 years 1 month

Handsome Harley's heart is a big as he is! This BIG boy loves his walks--even if they are slow and steady! He would love a family that will take their time with him as he gets his boyish figure back! Looking for someone to love that is easy going--Harley is waiting to meet you!
Heidi: Female Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 6 years 1 month

Heidi is a flirty girl that loves to walk and wiggle! She walks well on her leash, takes her treats with a soft mouth and LOVES to roll over and show you her belly--which is code for "scratch my belly"! She is happy all the time, loves people and is looking for a home and family of her own to share her love of life with. This 6 year old lady is ready to devote her life to you--are you the right fit? Ask for a meet and greet with Heidi and prepare to fall I need love!
Daddy: Male Shepherd/Mix Breed Dog aged 10 years 1 month

Daddy dog is our senior gentleman looking for a perfect home. Don't let his age fool you--this boy has a love of life and a lot of love to give! He smiles at everyone, loves his walks and is as sweet as can be! Are you looking for a quiet pup that is there for you but doesn't need as much time and training as a younger dog? This may be the perfect match! Give our Daddy a look--he will fill your home with quiet love!
Brandy: Female All American Dog aged 3 years 1 month

Beautiful Brandy is just waiting for that right family to help her open up and SHINE! This shy girl could not be more beautiful with her soft brown eyes and adorable white socks. She walks politely on her leash and says "thanks" for her treats. She loves other dogs but is still unsure of people, but only because she has not found the right one that opens her up--could it be you?
Batman: Male German Shepherd Dog/Crossbreed Dog aged 5 years 8 months

Batman has spent a lot of time perfecting his super hero skills and would love to show them off for you! He can walk perfectly on his lead, gives a paw, sits on command--and takes his treat rewards politely! He would love to be the guardian of his new home with you! When not being a super hero his favorite pastime is a tie between sitting at your feet and chasing tennis balls. As for a meeting with Batman and you'll fall for this special guy!
Kadance: Female American Bulldog Dog aged 2 years 1 month

Kadance is a pretty pup with her amazing soft white fur, big brown eyes and pretty pink accents. Her favorite thing to do is bury that big block head in you lap and wait for you to scratch her floppy ears! She loves to go for slow walks and is pretty good with her commands too—anything for a treat! Kadance would prefer a home where she is the only dog—she wants all of your love, but will give it back to you double! Sound likes a good deal!
Reggie: Male Terrier Dog aged 3 years 1 month

Reggie is a shy boy who is still unsure of his new surroundings, but don't walk on by! This boy had been for outings with staff and volunteers and his sweet personality Comes out and shines when he is away from the shelter! It takes a little time to earn his trust, but it is SO worth it when you do! He leans in for back scratches and takes his treats so gently. There is so much hidden potential in this pup and the right family will be greatly rewarded for putting in the top me to bring it out in him!
Flounder: Male Hound/Mix Breed Dog aged 11 months

Funny Flounder the puppy is our own "FLUPPY"! What a fun guy to be with. He is still young and so he is FULL of energy, but he is happy to stop his fun for a hug and kiss whenever you are! He loves to chase balls but hasn't quite grasped the concept of bringing them back--maybe you could work on that with him? He is very inquisitive and wants to check everything out--especially other dogs. So much potential here with this guy!
Chance: Male Hound Dog aged 1 year 0 months

Chance is just a big goofball that loves to have fun! This 1 year old will need an owner that can give him the exercise and attention he needs to bring out the perfect pup we all know he can be! He is shy at first, but once you get him out in a play yard he comes alive with loads of energy. His favorite toy is his soccer ball and with the proper training he could be a great goalie! There is SO much potential in this beautiful boy and he will reward the right owner with years of love and devotion.
Richard: Male Manchester Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 9 years 1 month

9 year old Richard is just a good Ol' boy looking for a place to call home! This mellow fellow still has loads of love and devotion to give and is waiting for the perfect person to give it to! He loves to go for walks, enjoys meeting new people and is up for just about any adventure--just name it and he's game! He would love to spend some time with you and will give you years and years of sweet kisses for your efforts! Ask to meet with Richard and you'll be smitten!
Bruno: Male American Bulldog/Mix Breed Dog aged 4 years 1 month

Aries: Male Dachshund Dog aged 1 year 6 months

This little guy is ALWAYS on the lookout and will keep geckos, birds, everything out of your yard! His nose is to the ground while he walks, ears alert and tail up. He believes he is a Great Dane, and we are not about to tell him different! He is also the perfect size to curl up in your lap once his work is done, and that is is second favorite thing to do.
Pinky: Female Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 8 years 0 months

Delaney: Female Pit Bull Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 3 years 1 month

Miss Delaney is as pretty as a picture with her pretty pink ears and pink rimmed eyes! This silly sweetie can be quite the diva as well. She will stop mid walk, roll over and wait for her belly rubs! How can you not accommodate that sweet face? She will wrap you around her paws, but who cares! The world is right with Delaney in it!
Red: Male Pit Bull Terrier Dog aged 1 year 6 months

Red is READY for whatever you are! Need a running partner--this powerhouse can keep up! Want to sit and snuggle--well that just happens to be his FAVORITE thing! This guy is the perfect size for everything and he is ready for his own family to share it all with. He has loads of energy and potential, he just needs someone to love and devote himself to! Ask for a meet and greet with Red and enjoy his affections--the kisses are endless!
Burmese: Female Lhasa Apso/Mix Breed Dog aged 6 years 0 months

Lady: Female Akita/Mix Breed Dog aged 11 years 0 months

Lovely Lady is one stylish girl! Look at that beautiful hair that is as soft as it is pretty! She is so peppy and loves to walk and prance. She takes her treats gently and has perfect maneers as one would expect from a lady. She has a love of people and other dogs and would love to be your sweet little sidekick!
Regalito: Male Chihuahua Dog aged 4 years 0 months

Mr Regalito is a cute little silky sausage! This senior guy will run circles around you with all of his energy! He prances when he walks with those ears pinned back and little bum just wiggling! Listen hard and you can heard this silly pup quack like a duck when he gets excited! Just one of his MANY endearing qualities. This guy loves people and wants a family to love as well. Have a meet and greet with Regalito and let him show off for you!
Braxton: Male Rottweiler/Beauceron Dog aged 3 years 5 months

Handsome Braxton is our beauty boy with is shiny black coat, brown paws and eye brow Spots and those mellow brown eyes! But this guy come with brains as well and is one smart cookie! He walks well on his leash, knows sit, give a paw and is working REALLY hard on lay down! If only everything wasn't so interesting to look at and get distracted by! He is very social as wants and wants to stop and charm everyone he meets! This guy will be the hit of your home and neighborhood.
Pork Chop: Male Pug/Mix Breed Dog aged 12 years 0 months

Senior gentleman Pork Chop is just as cute as his name! This mixed breed guy looks like a Pug, a Beagle, who knows, but they all work together to make him adorable! Check out that sweet underbite, those short, strong little legs and those floppy ears! You can't not smile when you are with him. His favorite pastime is jumping in your lap to snuggle and snort. He is as friendly as he is cute and gets along well with other dogs and ALL people! Don't be fooled by his age--this guy has energy and life and will brighten ANY home that is lucky enough to add him!
Olivia: Female Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Dog aged 24 weeks

Copper: Male Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Shepherd Dog aged 3 years 0 months

Sparkee: Female Rhodesian Ridgeback/Mix Breed Dog aged 3 years 0 months

Bullbaby: Male Terrier/Mix Breed Dog aged 10 months

Harlem: Male Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Shepherd Dog aged 3 years 0 months

Loco: Male Chihuahua Dog aged 2 years 0 months

Fezzik: Male Foxhound/Mix Breed Dog aged 1 year 0 months

Darlene: Female Dachshund/Mix Breed Dog aged 12 years 0 months

Heartworm Positive