Addie - S2016068


Female Cat aged 3 years 0 months.

Addie is a super sweet girl that loves her ears to be scratched. She really likes to be petted and will rub back and forth on you until you do. She can be shy at first with new people but she warms up quickly. We promise, Addie has a lot of love she’s anxious to give someone. This beautiful girl is currently living in a foster home but will be available to meet at our adoption center on Saturdays. She’s really hoping her new happily ever after finds her soon.

Anthony - S2019042


Male Cat aged Adult.

Anthony, also known by some volunteers as 'Tony the Lip', is a guy that loves to talk. And when he does, he shows his dark-lined lip making him even more handsome than he already is. He is very much a people cat and loves his humans. He will seek you out and sit next to you for some love and affection. He wants to be the king of the castle and would thrive as an only cat. Anthony is currently living in a foster home so contact us soon to arrange a meet and greet with our very own Mr. Purrsonality.

Arabella - K2019032


Female Cat aged 22 weeks.

Arabella is an energetic kitten who loves to have fun. Her daily activities include chasing a lazer light, wand toys and fuzzy toy mice. Empty boxes are a favorite napping spot. She also enjoys climbing and using her scratching posts and after playtime she will, happily, sit in your lap soaking up attention. This sweet girl is currently living in a foster home so stop by our adoption center on Saturdays to meet her.

Aurora - R2019002


Female Cat aged 9 years 9 months.

Aurora is a sweet, mellow lady that doesn’t ask for much except to be your one and only. Aurora enjoys the simple things in life such as pets and, especially, brushing. She loves to be brushed, which is a win-win, since her beautiful, long coat requires that. She gives lots of purrs and head bunts when she is being brushed to let you know just how much she enjoys it. Aurora’s ideal home would be a fairly quiet one in which she can just relax with her people. She would make a great companion kitty. She is currently living in a foster home so contact us to make arrangements to meet her.

Boots - K2019055


Male Cat aged 12 weeks.

Coming soon!

Bugatti - S2019067


Male Cat aged 2 years 1 month.

Bugatti joined the Friends for Life family just recently so we're still learning about him. But, so far, we know he's handsome, likes to talk and is oh so sweet. Bugatti tested positive for FIV but is, otherwise, very healthy. He can go on to live a long, healthy and happy life. Our adoption consultants can elaborate on what this diagnosis means for Bugatti and the family that adopts him. He is currently living in a foster home but will be at our adoption center on select Saturdays and by appointment. So contact us if you’d like to meet him. We won't be surprised if it's love at first sight.

Daisy - K2019052


Female Cat aged 12 weeks.

Coming soon!

Dreamer - C2017008


Male Cat aged 5 years 11 months.

I'm a very handsome and endearing boy and I am what one might call a social butterfly. I want to be everyone's friend. I also want to be right in the middle of whatever is going on. But that's just because I want to make sure I don't miss any significant moments in my new family's life. I'm very playful and if you have a wand toy out, I'll be right there to get it! I am very much the go-getter when we're playing. After playtime, I'm more than happy to recharge my batteries with a good meal. In fact, I don't think I've met a meal I didn't like! In you're looking for a goofy, fun guy with a great heart then what are you waiting for? Come meet me during our adoption hours. I'm sure you'll give me two paws up.

Harvey - K2019053


Male Cat aged 12 weeks.

Coming soon!

Hercules - S2019075


Male Cat aged 25 weeks.

Hoodie - S2019058


Male Cat aged 5 years 2 months.

Hoodie is a sweet and gentle guy that doesn’t ask for much more than some love and affection. He can be a bit timid at first but with time and patience, he’ll show you just how much of a love bug he really is. Hoodie likes to spend his days hanging out in his cubby, getting pets (he, especially, likes to be scratched behind the ears and under the chin) or playing with his wand toy. Hoodie is a mellow guy that just wants to feel safe and loved. He is currently living at our adoption center while he waits for his forever home. Stop by soon to meet this sweet boy.

Jo Jo (Joleene) - K2019051

Jo Jo (Joleene)

Female Cat aged 22 weeks.

Hi, my name is Jojo! Are you looking for a fun and super active, playtime kitty? Then I'm your girl! I love to play with any and all toys! Throw a ball and I'll try to catch it. Give me a toy and I will tackle it! There's no toy that's too big a challenge for me! I'll be interested in anything you bring me. Sometimes I like to have too much fun and think my human is a toy so I just need to be reminded of what I can and cannot play with. When my foster mommy was at work, I would wait patiently for her by recharging with naps in the window and sun. When she got home, I eagerly curled up into her lap and enjoyed a peaceful petting session and soothed her with my loving stress-reducing purrs. My fur is so soft and I love to be pet during this time. Afterwards, I'm ready to play again. I'd love to find someone who will give me enough play time so I can unwind and use my crazy, kitten energy! I only have love, purrs and happiness to eagerly offer you in return.

Kaci - S2017018


Female Cat aged 4 years 7 months.

Kaci is looking for a furever home. She is young, loves to play and is a sweet girl. Kaci doesn't want to share her human though and needs to be an only cat. Stop by our adoption center to meet her!

May - S2018052


Female Cat aged 2 years 0 months.

The first thing you'll notice when you meet May is how strikingly beautiful she is. Her long, fluffy coat is very well kept and so soft, you can't resist wanting to pet her. May is very affectionate and playful. She enjoys pets, rubbing against you, and even, sometimes, rubbing her face on yours. She isn’t a lap cat but she likes to sleep at the foot of your bed. May loves to drink out of the faucet and loves to be brushed. She loves the tunnel as well. She doesn’t mind the dogs in her foster home, in fact, she pretty much just ignores them so we feel she’d do fine if her new home had a dog. May would probably also do alright with another cat. Even though she is petite, May exudes a lot of confidence. She does tend to get overstimulated and play bites so any children in her new home would need to be older. May is looking for a cat-savvy family that gets her quirks and embraces them. May is currently living in a foster home but will be at our adoption center on select Saturdays. If interested in meeting her, we recommend that you inquire beforehand to ensure she will be in or to make an appointment.

Millie - S2019007


Female Cat aged 2 years 6 months.

If you’re looking for your one and only then look no further. Millie promises that she is all the pet you will ever want. Millie is a petite girl whose favorite place is in your lap. She will gladly curl up and enjoy some pets and she might even give you biscuits in return. She really loves her people and seems to just soak up the affection when she is seeking attention. And when she has had enough together time, she will let you know she’s ready for some time to herself. Millie is a confident cat with a strong personality so a cat-savvy home is a must for her. She’ll need time to be completely comfortable in her new home so she asks that her new family be patient with her during her adjustment period. At first, Millie didn't seem to want much to do with other cats but, after a period of time, she adjusted to sharing her space with a young, male cat and he grew on her. However, she was not accepting of another female cat. So while we feel Millie would be happiest as your one and only, with a lot of patience, time and the right companion, she may do ok with another cat. This pretty girl is currently living at our adoption center. Stop by any time during adoption hours to meet her. She can’t wait to start her next chapter with a forever family all to herself.

Mystic - S2019063


Male Cat aged 2 years 0 months.

Philly - K2018026


Male Cat aged 1 year 4 months.

Philly is a sweet and affectionate boy that likes to be around his humans. He welcomes pets and chin scratches and will seek out attention when he wants some. His gorgeous, blue eyes and his beautiful, white coat make it hard to resist him. He is also a very playful boy who enjoys stalking the wand toy and chasing springs. Philly is currently living at our adoption center. Stop by soon to meet this sweet boy.

Rowdy - S2019069


Male Cat aged 17 weeks.

This playful and lovable little guy is a ball of kitten energy! And while he loves to sit on his human’s lap, his ideal home would have a feline friend for him to pal around with. He loves the company of other cats and wants to be friends with everyone. Rowdy is currently living in a foster home and will be available to meet at our adoption center on Saturdays.

Sebastian - S2019048


Male Cat aged 8 years 3 months.

Sebastian is a mellow guy content with just hanging out. He doesn’t ask for too much but he does enjoy receiving pets from his human. He doesn’t care too much for the company of other cats but would likely do ok with another older, mellow cat that respects his space. Sebastian is currently living at our adoption center so stop by soon to meet him and see what a seeet guy he is.

Tabitha - K2016018


Female Cat aged 3 years 5 months.

Tigger - K2019054


Female Cat aged 12 weeks.

Coming soon!

Xena - S2019076


Female Cat aged 25 weeks.

Zera - S2019012


Female Cat aged 3 years 7 months.

Hi, my name is Zera. I hope you have a lot of love to give because so do I! I’ve come from a rough life so I’m still learning that people have a lot of love and attention to give. I hope you can please offer me some quiet space to adjust and become comfortable. I feel much better once I’ve gotten to know someone and can relax. I’m so happy I have that time to relax now. Most of the time I love to snooze in my window bed in the warm sun. I also like to take it easy and receive some soothing pets and hang out with my foster mom or dad. They always let me know they’re there for attention time so I can make sure I’m ready. I would do best without children as they can startle me! I’m not sure how I would be around another animals at home but I have previously been around other kitties and when I see my foster siblings, I am curious. One of my favorite activities is playing with my toys. Most cats don’t play with their toys on their own, but not me! I love to pick up balls and throw them around the room. I also love to hunt my squeaky mouse. I love to butt wiggle and pounce it! My foster parents think I put on an entertaining show for them! I am quite the clown. I looooove treats and will run around after them. I work really well with them (hint, hint). I’m so happy that I can continue to grow and be a normal kitty and I hope you can give me a safe, cozy home to continue to grow. Zera is currently living in a foster home. If you are interested in meeting this sweet girl, please contact us to schedule a meet and greet with her.